Anupama 21st December 2021 Written Episode Update: Anuj’s Horrifying Past

Anupama 21st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update

Anupama gives water to Anuj and asks him to have medicine. He takes medicine and coughs. She comforts him and offers chocolate. Tumhi Hamari Ho Manzil My Love. She tries to remove her bangle. He helps her remove it. Malvika says she saw a sari and women’s items and asks who wears it. GK says Anuj will answer it. She says its Anupama’s sari, she judged it right. At Shah house, Pakhi with her siblings and SILs watches party pics. Vanraj walks in with Kavya. Pakhi says his party was awsome and he rocked. Vanraj feels happy that his children are proud of him and says he will not forget his responsibilities. Kavya thinks they all forget only her like mamaji does, but she will not let it happen. Vanraj suggests them to let Anu have her life and move on, he doesn’t have right on Anu now, but they have and should remember that Anupama has first right on her own. He says Kinjal is handling Anupama’s duties and has become a junior Anupama, but now they have to manage themselves from hereon.

Kavya fumes thinking they fighting and unite so easily. Vanraj says he couldn’t become their friend, so they grew close to their mother; he couldn’t bond with them and really wants to now and offers friendship hand. They all 3 happily agree. Pakhi jokes if he is her friend, he should give her 500 rs. He scolds her. Kinjal suggests him forgive Kavya and give her a second chance. Anupama tells Anuj that she doesn’t know why he didn’t inform her about Malvika, but knows there must be some reason as he is not a wrong person; she will support him like he always supported her; she felt a bit bad, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t trust her. He thanks her for understanding him and says he will inform everything to her now.

She says its okay. He insists. Malvika panics hearing about Anuj’s accident from GK. GK asks her to calm down as Anupama took good care of Anuj. Malvika thanks god that Anu was there for Anuj and asks if she still considers Anuj as a friend or love. GK says he doesn’t know. Vanraj returns to his room and seeing Kavya thinks he cannot forget Kavya’s betrayal. He watches a news about his new business venture launch and anchor praising handsome Vanraj and young and beautiful Malvika. Kavya thinks if she is not young and beautiful now.

Anuj starts his story that he has fond childhood memories with Malvika, but also has bitter memories with her; when she left home last time, he didn’t know if she will return or not; she never stays at one place and is very unstable in her decisions; just like she is the core of her family, Mukku was the core of their family; during his 25th birthday, they danced on Mukkabla song; he never like partying on his birthday and hence they used to celebrate at home, but he wanted to celebrate outside and they all went out except GK; his adamancy changed his life and he lost his parents in a car accident. He continues crying describing how he couldn’t hear his parents and Mukku’s plea and couldn’t save them.