Bhringraj Hair Oil Recipe, Benefits

Bhringraj is also known as kesharaj which means it is the ruler of hair. Because of its amazing properties, bhringraj can do wonders to your hair. You should use bhringraj hair oil to enjoy its benefits. Here is a quick recipe to make bhringraj hair oil at home and its benefits for your hair.

Bhringraj Hair Oil Recipe

In a pan, add coconut oil. Bring to heat and then add bhringraj leaves or powder. Boil and strain once cool.

Bhringraj Hair Oil For Hair Growth

This oil helps in blood circulation in the scalp and roots which helps in hair growth.

Bhringraj Hair Oil For Hair Fall

If you have been suffering from hair fall, start using this hair oil to prevent it. It has vitamins and minerals which stop hair breakage and hair loss.

Bhringraj Hair Oil For Dandruff

The anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties of bhringraj help reduce dandruff.

Bhringraj Hair Oil For Greying Hair

Bhringraj Hair Oil For Greying Hair Bhringraj hair oil prevents in premature greying of hair because it boosts your natural colour.

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