Dream Girl 2 Full Movie Review

What's Good?

The talent that veterans acquire while delivering a few (very limited) good lines

What's Bad?

Everything else!

Loo Break:

Any song, any scene, anytime, anywhere! (You’ll not miss much)

Watch or Not?

You can wait for the OTT release, watch it only if you’ve some time to kill & you can ignore the fact that it’s a spiritual sequel to one of the best comedies ever to exist

Ananya Panday subtly plays the bimbo of the story but as things progress, her character loses the little importance it had fading her into oblivion only to pop her up during the proceeding moments.

Dear Ayushmann Khurrana: Sorry sir, Dream Girl has been extremely close to my heart (one of the funniest movies EVER, a rare 4/5 comedy) and I’m not counting Dream Girl 2 even as its spiritual sequel.

Last words:

All said and done, Dream Girl 2 is one of those sequels that should have been shelved at the concept stage instead of delivering a mildly funny product nowhere near the greatness of its predecessor.

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