Drinking Methi Tea Has 5 Health Benefits

Fenugreek (methi) seeds provide numerous health benefits. These seeds are widely used to improve the flavour of Indian meals and curries.

For diabetics, a warm cup of tea with the organic components of methi seeds in place of caffeine is frequently recommended. Methi tea has five health benefits.

1. Aids in Diabetes Management

"Fenugreek helps tackle insulin resistance, making it more responsive and sensitive," says nutritionist Anju Sood. As a result, diabetics may benefit from it.

2. Aids in Obesity Management

Early in the morning, drinking hot tea brewed with methi seeds stimulates metabolism, which may aid in weight loss and obesity management.

3. Prevents constipation

Methi tea is an excellent antacid that helps to prevent stomach disorders such as ulcers and acidity.

4. Supports cardiovascular health

Methi seeds, soaked in a hot cup of water, work to lower cholesterol levels while also preventing artery hardening and obstruction.

5. Helps to maintain kidney health

Regularly drinking methi tea may give the kidneys with an adequate amount of well-oxygenated blood. This may help to avoid kidney stones.

If you're battling diabetes or just want to stay healthy, try methi tea. However, before making any big dietary additions or modifications, speak with a nutritionist.

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