Elon Musk is the king of memes. Examine These

The world's wealthiest person Elon Musk has a great meme game and is not afraid to utilise it.

Even when it comes to making one on himself, Musk uses memes to enhance his response to criticism.

He denied being distracted by his Twitter agreement, which harmed Tesla's stock price.

After Tesla was removed from the S&P 500 index, he utilised the same template to make a joke.

With this "Tesla doing more for the environment" cliché, he hammered the Leftists on the Tesla-S&P 500 issue.

Musk brought up an old joke on the Musk versus Twitter board over his concerns about bots on Twitter.

Musk responded sarcastically to media criticism, contrasting "real news" with "inaccurate, defamatory" reports.

"The next Twitter board meeting is going to be epic." This time, his meme depicted him smoking a joint.

Not every response must be in response to criticism. Here's an example where he pulls out his inner memer.

One more! Musk tried putting magnets with the same polarity together, and this is how he felt.

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