Rexen Mod APK (91 Club, TC Lottery)

Rexen Mod APK (91 Club, TC Lottery) 1.1 Download

1.1 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 05, 2024
7 MB
Required Android:
6.0 and up
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Managing large volumes of fabric orders and keeping track of finances can be tedious for wholesale suppliers. The Rexen app is designed to solve these challenges and make business operations more efficient for suppliers. Let's explore the features and benefits of this robust Android-based fabric management solution.

Seamless Order Tracking 

Rexen APK introduces real-time order tracking, which acts as a fabric GPS. It allows you to monitor the location and status of your fabric orders right from processing to shipment and final delivery. So you eliminate all uncertainty around where your fabrics currently are and when they will arrive. This brings greater reliability to your supply chain.

Financial Management

Handling invoices and financial records for high fabric order volumes is time-consuming. Rexen Mod APK makes the process simpler through centralized invoicing management. It enables you to easily access, track, review, and organize all your purchase and sales invoices, account statements, billing documents, etc. in one place. This gives you better financial control and visibility into your transactions.

Custom Ordering 

Wholesale buyers can unleash their creativity and customization requirements with the app’s unique custom order placement feature. You can personalize fabric quantities, types, patterns, quality parameters, etc. as per your exact specifications before ordering. This results in higher customer satisfaction.

Interactive Catalog

The app comes loaded with an interactive visual catalog displaying a wide variety of fabrics. You can browse through the different fabrics seeing comprehensive details around quality, durability, patterns, technical specifications, etc. Enriched with images, it makes selection easier. Frequent updates also ensure access to the latest fabric collection. 

Simplified Fabric Discovery

Discovering new fabrics becomes easier than ever before with the Rexen app’s dedicated fabric discovery section. It allows you to explore and find exactly what you need from a vast catalog through smart filters like colors, patterns, materials, etc. Once you find something you like, you can instantly order samples or bulk quantities with a few clicks.

Safe Digital Payments

Secure transactions are crucial for any app dealing with financials. Rexine Mod APK employs sturdy encryption, firewalls, SSL certificates, and multi-layer authorization to safeguard all user's payments and account details. You can pay your fabric bills online without any worries. Payment options like credit cards, UPI, etc. allow smooth transactions.

Order Histories and Reordering

With order histories maintained within the app, you need not rely on your memory or incomplete manual records. Just access your personalized history and reorder preferred fabrics from past purchases in a few clicks. This further eases re-purchasing fabrics in bulk for regular buyers.

Availability in Multiple Languages 

To cater to global audiences, the Rexen app is supported in multiple languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, etc. So buyers and suppliers across geographies and languages can use this solution seamlessly. The offline browsing feature also enables accessing the core fabric catalog minus internet connectivity.

Why Choose Rexen Mod APK?

Some of the main reasons why the Rexen Mod Version is beneficial for both fabric businesses and buyers include:

For Businesses:

  • Optimizes order tracking and fulfillment
  • Financial record-keeping in one place
  • Improves inventory and order management  
  • Expands customer reach globally
  • Boosts staff productivity through digitization

For Buyers:

  • Real-time fabric order monitoring
  • Simplifies payments and invoicing  
  • Enables customized fabric purchases
  • Provides large online fabric catalog  
  • Ensures quicker reordering of fabrics

Using robust technologies, the Rexen app simplifies textile trade processes that traditionally involved manual efforts. It enhances transparency, efficiency, and scale - something extremely valuable for today's on-demand trade environment dealing with short lead times and dynamic customer preferences.

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