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Stw Projects
0.2.2 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 15, 2024
37 MB
Required Android:
4.4 and up
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Rock-Paper-Scissors Fukei Rock APK is a unique visual novel game with a fun twist; it incorporates the classic hand game "rock-paper-scissors" as a central gameplay mechanic. Players compete to strengthen their relationship status and earn access to special plot events by matching wits with the teacher character Aimi.


The player is allowed to play games of rock, paper, and scissors with his teacher, Aimi, through unexplained circumstances. As the story goes on, this somewhat unusual situation serves as the foundation for a closer bond between the teacher and the student.


Fukei Rock uses regular rules for its rock-paper-scissors matches. The player selects one of the three alternatives to win or lose to the teacher's random selection. The fun is in using "credits" to bet to control the level of difficulty and prizes each round. The player can see more of the plot, maximize gains, and quickly fill their "score" meter by using a cautious technique.

Features of Rock-Paper-Scissors Fukei Rock APK

  • Wagering & Credits: Credits are used during each match and are refilled gradually. Greater bets increase scores more but carry a quick loss risk. Credit management is essential.
  • Life System: The game ends when the player's "life" meter is depleted, which happens after every defeat. They can restock it with assistance materials.
  • Relationship Building: Winning rock, paper, scissors rounds brings you closer to Aimi and occasionally opens up exclusive conversations and events.
  • Unlockable Content: When the player's score bar hits ten checkpoints, new content such as story branches, CG artwork, and character interactions becomes available.
  • Minigame Variety: Although the majority of the game is rock, paper, scissors, discussions with Aimi and strategy optimization keep things interesting.

Some Playing Tips

  • When studying Aimi's patterns, start with cautious wagers. It's better to win little than lose a lot.
  • Remember to press the "Talk" button. It offers helpful auxiliary items to increase gameplay duration.
  • High-value "Life +" goods should be saved for crucial situations when a story checkpoint is close.
  • Maintaining enough credits and lives to continue playing rounds should be balanced with increasing scores.
  • For an advantage, commit Aimi's advice to memory during the choosing process and any patterns of response following specific dialogue exchanges.


With its unique blend of strategic rock-paper-scissors fights and nostalgic school romance, Rock-Paper-Scissors Fukei Rock APK is a unique visual novel experience. Effective resource management allows for a fun one-on-one test against the endearing teacher Aimi. This is a visual novel unlike any other, with each new revelation about her past and increasing closeness through one-on-one gameplay.

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