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1.0 for Android
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May 11, 2024
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7.0 and up
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True Love for Her APK is a Yandere simulation game inspired by the Yandere simulator. The game explores the dark side of human nature, featuring various types of murder, including murder. Due to its mature and possibly disturbing content, it is strongly discouraged for youth. The creators of TLFH make it clear that they cannot be held responsible for any actions of children who try to carry out the behavior depicted in the game in real life.

A Haunting Backstory

The game's heroine, Kurai Hana, is a young high school student who has experienced social isolation since she was a little girl. She has never made any lasting friendships, even though she is surrounded by her classmates, making her feel like a non-existent ghost. But everything changes as she inadvertently bumps into fellow student Delina; Over the next four months, the two became close.

A Twisted Obsession

As her relationship with Delena grows, Kurai Hana's perspective changes significantly. She is deeply aware of her new life and is determined not to let anything or anyone jeopardize her relationship with Delina. Kurai Hana, seeing Delena being bullied, sets out on a dark journey, resolving to destroy these "terrible individuals" one by one, week by week until she reveals to Delena that She loves him without any hindrance or deviation.

Mysterious Kurai Hana

The game's protagonist, Kurai Hana, is a subtle and captivating character. He has a very distinctive personal style which is reflected in his attractive black hair and his love of wearing coordinated clothes. His willingness to go to any lengths to hide his love for Delena belies his sensitive nature. It is recommended that players exercise caution when traveling to Kurai Hana, as their choices can have far-reaching effects.

For those willing to delve into the darkest depths of the human mind, "True Love for Her" promises to be an entertaining and absorbing experience despite its unpleasant themes. As players delve deeper into the twisted passion of Kurai Hana, they may find themselves contemplating the limits of love, devotion, and the sacrifices that can be made in the name of love.

Latest Update

  • Town! (It includes town npcs)
  • Cute teddy park
  • Monika statue!
  • Moving NPCs
  • Coco’s bookbag!
  • Pink vignette and color grading!
  • Nasty gurl spying
  • And more!

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