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BSD Brawl Team
54.298 per Android
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apr 15, 2024
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7.0 and up
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BSD Brawl is a free-to-play MOBA mod for Android devices, breathing new life into the classic Brawl Stars gameplay. This creative update brings about several noteworthy enhancements, including the exclusive ability to change the camera viewpoint while fighting. It is now possible for players to explore the battlefield from multiple angles, including that of the adversary, for a more strategic and immersive gaming experience. A variety of improvements, including secret upgrades, modifiers, and an upgraded notification system, are included with the mod to guarantee that both new players and seasoned players will find it exciting and novel.

Players begin BSD Brawl with a tutorial covering fundamental movements, shooting, and using special powers. After finishing a training match, players can start in the "Solo Showdown" mode to access all of the game's features. As they play, they can advance to the "Gem Grab" and other modes. One unique aspect of the game is the ability to manipulate the camera, which lets players swap viewpoints during combat to gain tactical advantages.

The game's colorful, cartoonish visuals are preserved in the update, which also adds graphic improvements for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The immersive experience is enhanced with more detailed environments and characters, as well as excellent sound effects and music selections.

Game Modifications

The Brawl Stars game is significantly altered by the BSD Brawl Datamine mod. You can change the angle of the camera by pressing back or escaping. Additionally, you can utilize unique emoji icons and alter the way the menus appear. Hidden game modes like "hide and seek" can also be unlocked with this mod.

Map Editor Upgrades 

You can place objects wherever in the map editor. It is possible to arrange hot zones, spawn locations, and impediments like hills and springs to overlap one another. You now have complete freedom to create inventive new maps.

Quality of Life Improvements

Several useful add-ons are part of the mod. It indicates the number of box openings required to ensure a brand-new brawler. To ensure you don't miss it, sounds will play when you get invited. During matches, your in-game ping is also visible. If your partner has the mod as well, you can even quit any solo or duo match whenever you want.  

Features of BSD Brawl APK

With an infinite number of object placement options, BSD Brawl Datamine's map editor lets you make a lot of adjustments. There have been improvements to the browsers, graphics, and camera. Additional attributes consist of:

Switching Camera Mode

enables you to alter the game's camera angle or perspective by hitting the Esc key on an emulator or the back button on your phone.

Invite Players Without Being the Room Leader

Normally, only the room leader can extend invitations to other players, but this mod makes it possible for anybody to do so.

See Enemy Characters in Friendly Games

In typical friendly games, the opponents' chosen brawlers are hidden from view until the game begins. You can see their character choices in advance thanks to this addon.

Hidden Modifiers

makes it possible to employ gameplay modifiers that are ordinarily inaccessible, such as "hide and seek" mode. The map maker must be used to add additional modifiers.

Guaranteed Brawler Drop Display

Indicates how many box openings are left until a specific rarity of brawler is assured to be received.

Invite Sound Notification

Makes a sound to alert you when you receive an invitation.

Emoji hacking

It permits the use of exclusive event emoji sets in conversation and battles, such as Halloween, Retropolis, New Year's, Valentine's Day, and others.

Hacks for Map Maker

  • Set up several heated zones.
  • Install bolts and spawn locations everywhere, including on opposing bases.
  • Put teleporters, slopes, and trampolines as 1-block objects that can overlap.
  • Place objects anywhere in the map editor without limits

User Interface Changes

BSD Brawl APK opens every button in the pre-match lobby, even the ones that are normally locked. Before the battle starts, you can also see which brawlers the opposing team selected for friendly games. Users of Leon can easily distinguish amongst his holographic clones thanks to the mod's alteration of their size.

Customization Options

Emoji hacking allows you to use exclusive sets of emojis from previous occasions, such as New Year's and Halloween, in chat messages. If preferred, a theme switcher option allows you to restore the original loading screens, music, and menu backgrounds.

Additional Features

Ping Display: Displays the ping value of your game right now while in a battle.
Leave Solo/Duo Anytime: Possession of the mod allows you to forfeit and exit any solo or pair match if a teammate also has it.
All Button Use in Ready Mode: This unlocks buttons that are normally locked in the "ready" pre-match state.
Anti-AFK Kick: To avoid getting kicked, a bot assumes control of the game if you go AFK. The bot is under your control.
Leon Clone Size Adjustment: This gives Leon's holographic clones a distinct size to help them stand out from the original.
Theme Switcher: Enables you to go back to previous loading screens, music, and menu backdrops.

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