Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 17th November 2022 Written Update: Vidhi, Dev feel Discouraged

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 17th November 2022 Written Update 

The episode starts with Amba and Dev are cutting the cake together. Chithra feeds the cake to them. Chithra says to them let’s plan a destination wedding for them. Abhimanyu asks her to take their suggestions too. He adds that Dev usually likes simple wedding. Amba asks him to say what’s in his mind. Dev asks Chithra doesn’t she feel happy? She nods with her. He tells her that his happiness is important to him. Sathyavathi feels disturbed.

Amba suggests them to perform their engagement in Vidhi’s house reasoning her wish fulfilled there. Priya says that she doesn’t like to perform her engagement there reasoning they are lower middle class.

Amba says to them that Milalini Devi who fulfill her wish. That is why she wanted to perform it infront of her. Dev excuses them and leaves. Meanwhile, Vidhi rememering the incidents. She thinks that her first love ended up like that. Here, Dev is anxious thinking about the current situation. He opens his cupboard and find the shirt which gifted by Vidhi. He wears it and recollecting his moments with her. He thinks that Vidhi is in his heart. Then why she asked him to marry Amba?

Vidhi thinks that she doesn’t know whether Dev have feelings on her or not? She doesn’t know what’s on his mind. She wants to forgot everything. Dev thinks that Vidhi broke the wall inside his heart and sneaks into his heart. Here Priya asks Sathyavathi to be happy for Amba. She gave up her business and properties to become her daughter in law. Bimla noticed Vidhi isn’t well. She tells her that she will bring tea for her.

A Guy From Durg Has Become Rich Using This Method Sathyavathi asks Dev what’s going on here? She is well aware that Chithra is adamant to perform this wedding. That is why she brought Amba here. She adds that Dev shouldn’t waste his life for her. Dev tries to manage the situation there. He adds that Amba is a good person. She loves him a lot. What else he needs? Sathyavathi tells him that she was a good person before itself too. She loved him. But what about his decision? Does he has feelings on her? Dev stays quiet there. Sathyavathi reminds him thar he said to her that he don’t like a girl like Amba. Dev says that he don’t hate her. Love will happen after marriage too.

Abhimanyu calls Vidhi to inform her that Dev agreed to marry Amba. He gives the credits to her. Vidhi gets shock to hear it. Abhimanyu asks her to just say it out what she would like to get from him? He will definitely fulfill her wish. Later, Sathyavathi advises Dev to don’t ruin his happiness for others. He shouldn’t play with his life like that. He will regret later for this. She adds that he took a wrong decision. Both Dev and Vidhi recollecting their beautiful moments. She drifts into sleep.

Dev calls Vidhi but Hariprasad attends the call and informs him she is sleeping out of tired. Dev asks him to let her take sleep. Here, Vidhi thinks that she is tired. Amba is perfect to Dev. Then why her heart saying that he has feelings on her. She wants to hear what’s his heart saying. Dev thinks that he is tired to hide his feelings for her. Later, Sathyavathi reached to the Balghar. She talks emotional with Dev’s mom photo. She shares her grief to her and prays her to help Dev to find his true love. She isn’t here to apologise to her for her mistake. She isn’t able to see her childrence struggling like that. Her childrence doesn’t have a big heart like Dev. She fails to be a good mom to him. Vidhi hears her confession and feels guilty.