Ruskin Bond's 10 favourite life quotations


"You must never chase happiness since it is as exclusive as a butterfly." It may come and settle on your hand if you remain extremely still. But just for a short time."

Wars are futile.

"And a butterfly will still be beautiful after all the conflicts are over."


"All grandeur comes from the courage to start."


"We get to the end of the journey because of guts, not luck."


"If you know how to suppress the truth, you don't have to lie."

Everything important

"In the intricate tapestry of existence, nothing is inconsequential; nothing is without importance."


"If you live near nature, your spirit will not be easily broken, since you will learn patience and fortitude." You will never be bored, and you will never be lonely."

Difficult times

"Difficult times are beneficial for preparing for better times."

Your fantasy

"Let no one steal your dream." It will keep you going till the finish."

Beast and Man

"The only things that distinguish man from the beast are the ability to laugh and the ability to be merciful."

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