Sasural Seemer Ka 2 28th November 22nd Episode Update: Seemer Sis Labuni's Face

Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update

The Episode starts with Simar telling that how can I say such thing for someone, that they don’t have right to live. She says I can’t think bad about anyone and can’t kill anyone. Aarav asks Simar if she had gone there yesterday. Simar says you are doubting me? He says no, I am just asking. Simar says even if I am very much angry, but I can’t take anyone’s lives. She says my clothes at the signal and there also. Aarav says he just asked, but will never doubt her, as he trusts her always. Vivaan sits to transfer camera pics in laptop. Reema comes there and sits, tells that she heard about Roy Choudhary family. She finds the article. Just then Labuni and Simar’s pics get uploaded. Vivaan doesn’t see the pic, as Reema tells Vivaan that Roy choudhary’s related to Arindham Roy Choudhary. Simar comes to Labuni’s room and hears her singing. She asks her. Labuni says I was hearing the song on radio. Simar asks what Geet is doing here? Labuni says Aditya gave Geet to her. Simar asks where did you go last night. Labuni says you had gone and not me, I saw you going.

Sandhya hears them. Simar takes Geet from her hands. Reema calls her. Simar goes out. Reema and Vivaan tell that the Roy choudhary’s were related to Labuni. Reema says we will do research. Simar doubts Jhumri. She tells that since when I gave her my clothes, such things are happenings. She says first Aarav ji saw a girl wearing my clothes, and the CCTV footage. She says something is mysterious. Reema says we haven’t see her face yet. Vivaan says may be her face is burnt. Simar says Jhumri is Labuni. Sandhya tells Labuni that she did right by punishing them. Labuni says yes.

Reema panics. Simar tells Reema that she reached signal for Aarav and then killed Roy Choudhary brothers for Aarav. Reema says for his love and obsession. Vivaan says we shall cross check once. Sandhya asks Labuni why she is keeping pallu on her face. Labuni says she is habitual to it and tells that she gets hurt due to this wound. She tells that only Aarav found me beautiful with my wound. Simar calls Labuni and asks her to come out. Labuni says who is Labuni.

Reema asks her to come out in Bengali. Labuni comes out and asks her to tell in Hindi. They see Sandhya coming out of the room. Simar says you was there? Sandhya tells that she had come to take Geet from Jhumri. They ask Labuni to come downstairs. Simar asks her to show her face. Sandhya comes there and stops Simar. She scolds her for disrespecting Jhumri as she is poor. Everyone comes there. Badimaa comes there and asks what is happening? Simar says I want to see her face, as I have doubt that she has scar like that of a statue. Aarav says it is over. Simar insists to show her face. Sandhya and Chitra take Labuni’s side. Gajendr says it will be wrong. Simar says I know, but I need to do this. Reema requests them to let Simar check. Simar lifts Labuni’s pallu, and moves back in shock.