Top 10 Strongest Villains in Dragon Ball Z


Introduced in Battle of Gods, Beerus was an originally negative force who hovered the Earth and pushed.


It’s easy to assume Janemba is the strongest DBZ movie villain on account of Goku & Vegeta demanding.

Golden Friend

Dragon Ball Super took everything from Dragon Ball Z and turned it up a notch. With a return, decades.

Fused Zamane

The power of Fused Zamasu was so great, that not only did his strength imminence one reality, but it blurted.

Cell and Bojack

In Dragon Ball Z, Cell was strong enough to keep both Super Vegeta and Super Caddies at bay. He indeed.


Broly in Dragon Ball Z is nowhere loved by the entire fanbase. His fashionability only continued to soar.

Ultimate Gohan

Gohan was Goku’s first son and he was said to be the one who could surpass his father. During the Perfect Cell.


Firstly a Demon God statue that purified the hearts of people on earth Konats, Hirudegarn was ultimate.


Majin Buu is shown to be just a youth with no studies when he’s freed from his endless confinement.

Master Roshi

Master Roshi is one of the stylish characters of Dragon Ball Z with a deep understanding of warfare ways that.

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