Udaariyaan 28th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rupy feels Jasmin’s presence

Udaariyaan 28th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update

The Episode starts with Jasmin seeing Nikhil. He orders drinks for his friends. Jasmin leaves his phone there. Ekam comes there and keeps his phone beside. Nikhil talks to his friends. He asks them to enjoy the party, and gives the drinks. He dances with them. Jasmin looks on. Nikhil’s mum comes and asks what’s happening, what’s your problem, take life seriously, your dad doesn’t give you any responsibility. Nikhil says I don’t want any responsibility, I want to enjoy my life, I won’t go to factory. She asks how long will you ask Advait for money. He asks her not to worry. She says I m called inside for dance. He asks her to dance with him. She asks him to come. Jasmin says Nikhil is totally useless, he has no work, what will Naaz do with him, he is a wrong guy for Naaz, I have to do something.

Ekam thinks of his dad and cries. He says you should have not left Mallika and me, she is so lonely, why did you leave us. He takes Jasmin’s phone and goes. He gets a call. He answers. Harleen talks to Jasmin. He asks did anyone break your heart, I m also feeling lonely here. He does shayari. She asks who are you. He says life is unpredictable, anything can happen anytime, life can change anytime, you will have friends in life. Harleen asks again about him. He checks the phone and says sorry, I… She says don’t cut the call, your voice is unique and you talk interesting, what’s your name. He says Ekam. She says nice name. He says really sorry and disconnects. She says interesting and smiles. Jasmin sees Ekam with her phone. She takes her phone and goes. He says strange, people snatch things from policemen also. Mallika comes and gives his phone. She asks did you drink. He nods and says a little bit. Nehmat looks on.

Ekam says you are the world’s best sister, you saved me many times since childhood, don’t worry, I will not let your function spoil. Mallika says I know you are hurt. Ekam says it hurts when one loses love. He cries. Mallika goes. Nehmat looks on. Rupy hears Jasmin talking on call. He turns to see. Shamsher comes in between. Jasmin goes. Satti comes to Rupy. She asks are you fine. He says I feel strange, like Jasmin is around us, I felt like I heard her voice. She calls out Jasmin. He says wish that she isn’t here, Naaz is so hurt. He reminds Jasmin’s mistakes. She says yes, but she can come here anytime to show her rights on her daughters. He remembers Jasmin’s letter and Tejo’s words. He says no, they shouldn’t know this, its good that Jasmin never comes back.

Jasmin collides with Nehmat. She puts the veil to cover her face. Nehmat says I m so sorry. Jasmin turns to go. She sees Rupy and Satti coming. The lady calls Ekam and Nehmat on stage for the performance. Nehmat says Ekam and me, I think its some misunderstanding. Advait says Mallika, don’t do this. She asks why, if I can trust Nehmat, then Ekam will also do. Naaz comes and now I understand, you are doing this, why, function is going on well. Mallika says they will come together for the sake of my happiness. Naaz and Mallika argue. Mallika says I feel you have done something. Naaz smiles and says but Ekam doesn’t think so, that’s all that matters, you remember my challenge, your Bfs aren’t perfect, see now, how Ekam does Nehmat’s aarti, I bet he won’t dance with her. Ekam asks everyone to dance. He hugs Advait. He says Mallika will trouble you a lot, but don’t feel so. He sits talking to Mallika. He says we miss dad, but dad wanted your marriage to happen well. Nehmat thinks he is very drunk, I shouldn’t come in front of him. Ekam says see how I rock the dance floor. He falls down. Mallika worries. He says I m fine. He stops Nehmat and asks her what happened, won’t you dance with me. Naaz gets happy.