Woh Toh Hai Albela 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Kusum’s Birthday Party Plan

Woh Toh Hai Albela 22nd November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update 

Kanha notices Sayuri in kitchen and asks what is she preparing. Sayuri says she is preparing Kusum’s favorite dishes for her birthday. Kanha says he will become her assistant and helps her. Gazab Kai Din Socho Zara..song plays in the background. Kanha gets romantic. Sayuri says its a kitchen. Kanha says kitchen is a place for romance and spends quality time with her. Nakul decorates house for Kusum’s birthday. Rashmi says he is fixing balloons at the wrong place. Nakul says its Kanha and Sayuri’s decision and he won’t change it. Rashmi thinks soon she has to marry Nakul and get him the rights in the house he deserves.

Kanha and sayuri finish preparing snacks. Kanha continues his romance. Sayuri asks if he invited Yash for Kusum’s birthday party. Kanha says no as he thought she would call him. Their argument starts. Nakul interferes and asks them to continue their argument as he is enjoying it. Kanha scolds him. Nakul says he will invite Yash if they are busy arguing. He calls Yash who is jogging and chats with him. Yash eagerly waits for him to invite him for the party. Nakulf finally invites him for the party and asks him to reach home in the morning itself.

Kusum gets ready for breakfast. Kanha and Sayuri taunt her for her simple look and indirectly relay the message that even Yash is coming. Kusum goes and gets ready beautifully. Kanhs and Sayuri peep into her room and discuss that Kusum got ready for Yash and hopes she develops feelings for Yash. Saroj hears their conversation and looks concerned. After sometime, family waits for Kusum for breakfast. They all welcome her and praise her beauty.

Yash walks in with a bouquet for Kusum. Kusum feels shy seeing him. Kanha welcomes him and asks if he brought bouquet for Kusum. He says yes and nervously offers it to Kusum. Kusum shyingly accepts it. Kanha and Sayuri say they invited Yash and invites Yash to join them for breakfast. After breakfast, Kanha gets his youtube friend Sayukta’s call and chats with her casually. Sayuri feels jealous and warns him not to talk to Sayukta again.

Rashmi walks to Saroj’s room with some box. Saroj notices her engagement ring and questions her. Rashmi says she removed it before having bathe. Saroj scolds her and says she got Nakul and Rashmi’s engagement in a hurry and should have waited till Rashmi got some conscience. Rashmi says she kept her ring aside and not lost it and express her displeasure for not discussing about her marriage.