World Sleep Day: How much sleep do you need, age-wise?

World Sleep Day

Since 2008, World Sleep Day has been celebrated globally to raise awareness and help those who have a hard time sleeping.

Recommended sleep times

Different age groups require different amounts of sleep and here are some research-based recommendations for different age groups.

Infant (4-12 months)

12-16 hours (including naps)

Toddler (1-2 years)

11-14 hours (including naps)

Preschool (3-5 years)

0-13 hours (including naps)

School-age (6-12 years)

9-12 hours

Teen (3-18 years)

8-10 hours

Adult (18 years and older)

7 hours or more

How much sleep do you need?

Deciding how much sleep you need means considering your overall health, daily activities, and typical sleep patterns.

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