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Geode SDK APK - GD Mod Loader 1.2.1 Download

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Geode Team
1.2.1 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 09, 2024
7.52 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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With a contemporary approach to mod development, Geode SDK APK is a Geometry Dash mod loader and modding SDK. Geode intends to be a more thorough project that maintains loaded modifications & hooks directly, in contrast to other mod loaders that simply inject the DLLs and let developers handle the rest. Performance, compatibility, portability, and ease of use are all factors in the design of Geode. For developers, Geode means easy portability and development; for end users, it means a consistent and simple mod-using experience.

Why does Geode exist?

Geode's primary objective is to eliminate mod incompatibility. Conventional modding frequently results in compatibility issues, which Geode tries to solve more effectively.

Furthermore, and maybe most intriguingly, Geode APK offers far superior ergonomics for modding. You can have all the code related to hooks in a neat, clean, legible syntax kept within a single source file, saving you from dealing with calling conventions, trampolines, and manually establishing hooks (perhaps in another source file).

A toolbox for GD modding

The goal of the mod loader and modding framework Geode is to standardize GD modification. It is cross-platform and comes with all the tools required for modding, such as a hooking library, GD headers, and Cocos2d, and a plethora of utilities for anything from UI to HTTP requests.

Features of Geode SDK APK

Install mods in-game

You can stop dragging weird files to hidden directories; Geode mods may be updated and installed from a list in-game with a single button press.

Easily manage mods

Mods can be disabled in runtime, their details viewed, their settings edited, and their uninstallation done all in one location with Geode.

Everything just seems to fit.

You won't have to worry about two mods working together for no apparent reason while using Geode since it offers modders a variety of tools to make sure their work is compatible with other mods using straightforward, refactorable code.

Doesn't load.DLLs

By design, DLL Geode is incompatible with all mod loaders and non-Geode mods. But fear not—all of your beloved mods, such as TextureLdr, BetterEdit, and Mega Hack, will soon be accessible on Geode - many of them with updated versions.

Declarative code

The syntax of Geode is really sweet; hooks may be created by just defining a class and overwriting its functions. You only need to declare things like calling conventions once when it comes to the hook; Geode takes care of the rest! All of the information you need is included in a single source file!


Are you interested in using Geode to create mods? For details on how to install Geode and make your first mod, see our guide. We also offer a helpful guide that outlines how to learn modding from the beginning if you are brand-new to the game.


Please feel free to create an issue or pull request on the Geode repository if you would like to contribute to Geode by offering features, reporting issues, submitting code, etc. You can talk about everything about Geode and Catgirls on our Discord server.

How to Use Mods

There should be a new button for Geode on the main menu's bottom bar after installation. Pressing this button will bring up a menu where you may set up every mod and add new ones.

Screenshot of Geometry Dash's main menu, with the Geode button in the bottom row

Here, the list of installed mods is the default tab. To get additional details about any mod, select get.

a screenshot of Geode's installed mod list

New mods are available for download from the Download page. To view the mod's description and start the installation, select View.

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