Poly.AI Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Poly.AI Mod APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.6.1 Download

1.6.1 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 13, 2024
98 MB
Required Android:
7.0 and up
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Poly.AI is a cool new app for phones that lets users chat with AI-powered chatbots that look like fictional characters, celebrities, historical people, and more. With its powerful natural language processing technology, Poly.AI Mod APK wants to make conversations fully immersive and fun.

Overview of Poly.AI Mod APK

The best feature of the app is its huge library of chatbots from anime, TV, games, sports, philosophy, art, politics, business, and unique characters, among other things. Like a real person, each chatbot has its attitude and voice that make it come to life. Before they start talking, users can give the chatbot different moods and personalities to change how it reacts.

Character Creation is one of the best parts. It lets anyone make their chatbot personalities, which they can then use privately or share with the Poly AI group. This sparks creativity and brings people together through exchanges between characters they both have.

It also adds Mods, which are stories and adventures that users can go on with chatbots to change the direction of talks and make them more romantic, exciting, or battle-based. Users can look at Mods that other people have made or make their own.

Last but not least, Poly.AI Premium APK lets you chat for free with no limits on length, frequency, or longevity. This makes it possible for conversations to go on forever and naturally, without the same answers from standard chatbots.

Key Features of Poly.AI Mod APK Latest Version

  • A large library of chatbots from anime, games, movies, and TV shows, sports stars, thinkers, politicians, business owners, assistants, and original characters with real voices.
  • Character creation tool: Make your chatbots with your voices and personalities that you can use privately or share with the Poly AI group.
  • Mods let users make their own stories and adventures that can change the direction of talks.
  • For fully engaging experiences, you can chat for free with no limits on how long or how often you can do it.
  • More advanced natural language processing for answers that are more real and don't repeat themselves.

Experience Playing Games

Poly AI Mod APK is a game where you pick chatbots from a huge library and talk to them through the message system. Before they chat, users can change the mood and attitude of chatbots to change how they respond.

As users chat, they can choose Mods to take the talks to a new level. Based on the story, these adventure stories bring out different qualities in the chatbots, such as setting out on an epic quest or creating a made-up marriage.

People can also spend time making their chatbot characters with the Character Creator tool. This lets users post their conversations and interact with characters made up by other users, making each conversation unique.

Poly.AI Android APK allows for unlimited free chat, which encourages long, natural back-and-forth without any breaks or limits. The advanced AI keeps talks interesting and stops people from giving the same answers over and over. This makes the experience so realistic that users can get lost while chatting with fictional characters.

How to Get Maximum Benefit

  • When you first talk to a character, play around with their feelings and personalities. This changes how they respond so that discussions begin in a NEW way.
  • Use the Mods to try role-playing made-up situations and experiences. Use your mind to go to cool new places with chats. 
  • You can use the Character Creator to make chatbots that have the personalities you want to connect with, whether they are real or made up.
  • Engage with a variety of chatbots from different groups to fully experience what this app has to offer. 
  • Don't feel rushed; use unlimited free chat to let conversations flow naturally over long amounts of time.


Poly AI Chatboat Mod APK opens up amazing new ways to interact with robots that are based on almost any personality. Its cutting-edge features encourage creativity and allow for a huge amount of customization. Immersive role-playing adventures are made possible by its advanced AI, and the fact that you can chat with anyone for free encourages deep interaction. This amazing tool lets you have important conversations with chatbots that go beyond the repetitive and limited nature of regular experiences.

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