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5.3 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 29, 2024
9.29 MB
Required Android:
6.0 and up
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The Revanced Gmscore APK is a customized version of the microG Services framework, specifically designed to work seamlessly with ReVanced, a popular open-source project that allows users to modify and enhance various Android applications. In addition to adopting the clean and contemporary Material You design language, this fork offers several enhancements and features that are specifically designed to meet the demands of users who place a high priority on privacy and personalization.

The microG Services project was started in response to the growing need for free and open-source Google Play Services substitutes for apps built on Google's proprietary architecture. Nonetheless, the Revanced Gmscore APK's creators realized that more improvements and a more contemporary visual experience were required. The power of microG Services, along with extra features and the Material You design language, allowed them to create a tool that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.


It is an easy-to-use Android application. After installation, users are greeted with an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface that follows the Material You design principles. Users may tweak and improve their favorite Android applications while making use of the extra features and enhancements provided by the GmsCore fork, all thanks to its seamless integration with ReVanced.

Features of Revanced Gmscore APK

Material You Design: With a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing user interface that changes according to the user's preferences and device theme, the App follows the Material You design language.

Enhanced Performance: The fork provides enhanced performance through optimizations and enhancements, guaranteeing a responsive and seamless experience across a variety of Android devices.

Enhanced Privacy: The Revanced Gmscore APK For Android adds more privacy capabilities to the already privacy-focused microG Services, allowing users more control over their data and digital footprint.

Options for Customization: Users can personalize the fork in several ways, from the appearance to the way it functions, so they can make it fit their requirements and tastes.

Compatibility: This App is made to work well with a variety of Android apps, guaranteeing smooth operation and integration.

Some Using Tips

Examine the Settings: To get the most out of the Revanced Gmscore APK Latest version, spend some time examining the many settings and personalization choices it offers.

Privacy First: To ensure a safe and private mobile experience, make use of the improved privacy tools to keep control over your data and digital footprint.

Keep Up to Date: To take advantage of the most recent enhancements, bug patches, and new features, be sure you frequently check for updates to the App.

Contribute: Get involved with the vibrant Revanced Gmscore community by offering suggestions or reporting any problems you run into. This will help the project continue to grow and improve.


With its potent combination of Material You design, open-source software, and user-focused features, the Revanced Gmscore APK is a formidable tool. This fork provides a comprehensive solution, whether your goals are more privacy, better visuals, or customization options for your Android smartphone. The inventive spirit of the Android community is exemplified by the App, which prioritizes user experience while adhering to the values of open-source software. With the Revanced Gmscore Android App, explore the realm of personalization and unleash the full power of your Android device.

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