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Dec 26, 2023
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The Platinum Link APK is an innovative app that turns your mobile into a flexible remote control for Platinum karaoke systems. With a strong wireless connection, it gives you access to a lot of fun entertainment options, such as browsing huge music libraries, organizing your playlists, listening to lyrics while playing music, and recording your performances.

Transforming Smart Devices into Karaoke Command Centers 

Platinum Link APK Makes free karaoke singers by giving them direct power over the machine through their phones. It sets up wireless handshakes with Platinum hardware so that playback, shooting, setting changes, and other things can be controlled from afar. This makes it very easy to control a lively singing experience from anywhere in the room.

Within the app, easy-to-use digital screens give users access to all of the system's features. Users can easily look for, preview, and add songs to a queue from catalogs that have tens of thousands of hits. Streaming lyrics that are timed to audio tracks makes the performance more fun. To make singalongs their own, vocalists can even change the echo, rhythm, and tempo settings on the fly.  

Platinum Link starts a new era of freedom and flexibility in karaoke by putting these settings into sleek mobile software.

Strong Connectivity Options

Making sure that mobile devices and karaoke hardware can join reliably is what makes this user experience possible. This Platinum Karaoke APK gives you two ways to connect your smartphone to a music player that works with it.

Built-in WiFi in Platinum systems is the most direct way to connect. This way, phones can connect directly to singing systems without the need for networking gear in between. But connecting through existing WiFi routers also lets you handle the device without being connected to a computer—as long as the signal can reach it.

This makes the app great for fun at home, at outdoor events, while traveling, and in other situations. Platinum Link still lets you control a singing system from afar as long as devices can share data.

The app opens feature sets that change the game: phones that can be turned into karaoke dashboards

A digital music library

You can search and browse music albums with more than 10,000 tracks, and then you can make your playlists.

Easy-to-Use Controls

You can easily control playback, tweak vocal effects, use recording tools, and more.  

Lyrics Display

Synced lyrics can be shown on smartphone screens to help with head-up performance.

Tools for Recording

Use the mic and cameras on your mobile device to record both audio and film of singing sessions.

Platinum Link brings next-generation singing fun to the masses by combining these features into a beautifully designed app.

Tips for Next-Level Experiences

Here are some expert tips on how to get the most out of this groundbreaking app:

  • Find smart gadgets with bigger screens to make reading the lyrics easier. Tablets are great.
  • Connect a small external mic to improve the quality of the sound coming in from your phone for recording.  
  • Karaoke players have EQ vocal effects that can be turned on and off to improve the quality of song input.
  • You can use Platinum Link's "queuing" method to arrange your favorite songs or make themed playlists.

Platinum Link makes it easy to take singing parties to a whole new level by adding tricks like these.


The fact that Platinum Link Android APK can turn smartphones into moving singing command centers is a huge step forward in innovation. This app gets such good ratings because it has easy-to-use controls, smooth hardware connectivity, and a lot of features. Get it today to take your singing to a whole new level.

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