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1.1 per Android
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apr 16, 2024
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Freedsound is a free app for Android and iOS phones that lets users save YouTube videos and music as MP3 or MP4 files to play later. As an on-device YouTube to MP3/MP4 converter, Freedsound APK lets you watch videos without using up all of your internet data.

Open the app on your Android phone to find, convert, and download your best YouTube mp3s and mp4s right from your phone! 

If you have an iPhone, you should download mp3 and mp4 files to your computer or Mac, then use iTunes to move the files to your phone.

It can use a lot of internet data to stream music and videos on your phone.

The service that converts YouTube to MP3 is fast, free, and doesn't require you to sign up or download any extra software.

Freedsound APK can be used by users to:

  • Convert YouTube videos into portable MP3 audio files 
  • Download full YouTube videos as MP4 files
  • Search for specific YouTube source media to convert
  • Complete the conversion and download process directly on their smartphone
  • Avoid streaming media and preserve internet data limits  

How to Use Android vs. iOS

The way you use the Freedsound APK on Android and iOS is a little different:


You can get the Freedsound app from the Google Play Store. The search, conversion, and downloading can all be done from the app's screen.

Apple iOS

iOS users can use their iPhones to view Freedsound's website. The conversion itself, on the other hand, happens on a PC or laptop, and the files are then sent to the iPhone. 

Users don't have to sign up for an account or download any extra software to use either service, which makes it easier for more people to use.

Some Benefits to download Freedsound APK

Important benefits that only the app offers are:

  • Use for free without having to pay for a contract  
  • MP3 and MP4 formats are supported.  
  • Conversions that happen quickly and working in groups
  • Download links that stay the same even if the source links on YouTube change
  • Smooth iOS interaction, even if you need to find a workaround
  • Lean apps that take up little space on your device

With these all-around features on mobile, Freedsound APK Latest Version makes it easier to get your favorite YouTube videos ready to play when you're not online.

Some Using Tips

To get the most out of the app, users should:

  • Check for copyrights before you download whole movies. 
  • Check downloads on the devices you want to use before you build libraries.
  • If you need to, change the conversion settings, such as the recording bitrates.
  • Restart the app to get rid of old temporary downloads.  
  • Give developers comments on your phone so they can make the app better.

Keeping these tips in mind will make it easier to use this very useful tool for converting files.


Freedsound APK is a great app for mobile users who want to download YouTube videos and music to watch when they're not online without using up too much data or having trouble with streaming. This app makes it easy to enjoy internet media offline by converting files quickly, supporting multiple formats, and being mobile-friendly.

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