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2.5.6 per Android
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mag 28, 2024
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5.0 and up
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Namida APK is a beautifully designed, feature-rich music and video player that integrates seamlessly with YouTube, built using the powerful Flutter framework. This App claims to enhance your multimedia experience on Android devices, regardless of your preference for music or videos.

Music player functionality

Namida has all the features you would anticipate from a contemporary music player, including a robust tag editor, indexer, and duplicate track prevention. It also has features including an album and artist information sorting tool, a folder-based library system with the option to exclude specific folders, and the ability to specify minimum file sizes and durations.

Beautiful design and customization

For a visually spectacular experience, Namida uses a dynamic theme akin to Material3, making sure that the player colors are selected from the current album artwork. For simple navigation, it provides several pages, such as Home, Track, Album, Artist, Genre, Playlist, Queue, and Folder. Namida also includes a waveform seek bar and a ton of customization options so you can make the app exactly as you want it.

YouTube integration and streaming

The smooth integration of Namida with YouTube - which provides the highest audio and video quality, an audio-only mode, offline playback support, and caching - is one of its strongest features. Additionally, you can download audio and video songs with the option to have the album, artist, and title automatically extracted for easy scrolling. Namida Music Player APK also allows you to watch movies with gesture controls, such as pinching or swiping up to go into fullscreen mode, double-tapping to search, and swiping to adjust the volume.

It's like the premium version but free

When videos play without interruption, you'll experience something entirely different because there are no unwanted commercial movies and notifications to pause or interrupt them, all thanks to efficient ad blocking.

Blocks all types of ads!

Both a pop-up and an integrated video ad blocker are included in the app. It is no longer necessary to wait for advertisements to finish and press tiny buttons to resume viewing the video you want to watch. Ads will be automatically skipped as if they didn't exist.

Plays video in the background

Seeing videos play in the background is quite handy. And Namida Player will provide you with that chance. Tube video playback won't be stopped when you utilize other apps on your Android device: Check your mail, play your favorite games, and converse on message services like Telegram and WhatsApp...

Floating video player

Namida Player APK includes a function that allows you to play the videos you want in floating pop-up window mode, which enhances user convenience. You can select whether you want to watch videos in full-screen mode or as a pop-up window that takes up only a portion of your phone's screen.

High-resolution video

For playing videos, you can select any resolution between 144p and 8K, based on your requirements and the speed of your Internet connection.

Advanced Features

Namida APK offers numerous sophisticated features that surpass the fundamentals, such as:

Smart track generation

Based on your listening history, Namida can recommend songs that are relevant to what you're listening to right now. In addition, it might recommend songs that were released concurrently depending on ratings, the mood that is in store, or at random within a predetermined window of time.

Thumbnail animation

Namida enhances your listening experience with an animated thumbnail that pulses in time with the audio peaks.

Mini-player party mode

This setting gives the miniplayer an edge-breathing appearance by using dynamic or static colors taken from record covers.

Particle effect

A particle effect in Namida travels in time with the audio peaks, producing a visually captivating effect.

Track play mode

You have the option to play the album, the first artist, the first genre, the selected track, or the whole search result when playing from the search results.

Latest insert

This feature makes it simple to queue up your favorite music by allowing you to insert numerous tracks one after the other.

Repeat for N times

Namida APK provides the ability to repeat a track a predetermined number of times before moving on to the next one, in addition to the conventional repeat modes of all, none, and one.

To make sure you never overlook their contributions, Namida automatically pulls featured artists from song names and displays their information on the Artist tab.

Import YouTube history and

Namida may import data from and YouTube history to enhance your initial experience by offering a tailored library from the outset.

Video and YouTube integration

Namida can play relevant videos for local music libraries based on your audio, whether they are downloaded from YouTube or local sources.

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