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apr 15, 2024
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Oh Deer APK is a multiplayer online game that takes a classic hide-and-seek formula and modifies it. The hunter and the deer are the two roles in this game. The hunter's goal is to locate and destroy the deer players before dusk by employing their abilities, tools, and acute hearing. The real difficulty for the hunter, though, is telling the difference between real player-controlled deer and AI deer.

Conversely, the deer players have the difficult job of having to hide from the hunter. They have to make good use of their surroundings to blend in with the AI deer that are strewn around the map. For the deer to control their hunger, they must locate and consume food. But they have to be careful when it comes to timing since eating at the incorrect time will reveal their whereabouts and increase the likelihood that they'll be discovered.

The expansive forest setting of the game provides the perfect backdrop for hiding and surviving. There are lots of tall trees, dense bushes, and lovely flowers in the forest, giving the deer lots of places to hide. For years they can live in peace in this natural habitat, but when hunting season comes around, everything is different. Hunters start to lurk and plan ideal ambushes, turning the woodland into a hazardous place.

Every Oh Deer game requires five players. One player changes into a hunter while the other four assume the roles of deer. Not less than in this exhilarating game of hide-and-seek Simply Be Natural - any move you make could terminate the game. Which would you rather "outdo" or follow the crowd?

Play as the hunter or the prey

If you select the hunter role, players will utilize tools, noises, and their hunting prowess to locate prey and take out players one at a time until dusk. The challenge is in recognizing the deer you have in your sights as an actual player. If not, the mission will be unsuccessful.

Before midnight, players assume the role of the hunter and must locate and eliminate other players using sound, technology, and sharp observation. However, being able to tell the difference between actual deer and masked players makes the hunt even more difficult and requires players to continuously stay alert. Conversely, players assuming the role of deer need to take advantage of their environment to blend in with the actual deer that are dispersed over the globe. 

The carefully thought-out geography of the game offers plenty of hiding places and advantageous vantage points for both hunters and deer. Tall trees, dense bushes, and patches of shadow allow players to set up ambushes or use cunning to avoid detection. As players negotiate the hazardous terrain, the lush woodland atmosphere heightens the immersive experience and fosters a sense of suspense and adrenaline.


The forest is the perfect location for survival and hiding. The abundance of trees, bushes, and vibrant flowers will ensure that deer lead a contented and unhurried life free from worries. However, the ideal ambush is created by the bushes and trees come hunting season.

As a result, the map serves as a shelter for deer and makes it easy for hunters to locate and kill their prey. In Oh Deer, winning the wits fight demands a great deal of strategic planning and preparation. Who will triumph in the end—the deer or the hunter?

Great to play with friends

All things considered, Oh Deer provides a distinct and exciting cooperative gaming experience that blends aspects of survival, strategy, and stealth. A memorable gaming experience is guaranteed with the game's furious gameplay and evocative forest backdrop, whether you're outwitting the hunter or hunting down your pals. In this intense game of hide-and-seek, every move you make could be your last, so keep an eye out for your back and proceed with caution.

New content

  • Investigate the newly created Plateau map.
  • Landmine is a new game mode, however, it's not very likely to show up every round.
  • Additionally, there is little possibility of the new game mode, Beartrap, occurring in every round.
  • The privacy options have a new setting when the map rotates.
  • Create a new private play game mode.
  • Explore new and hidden achievements in the Beartrap and Landmine game types.

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