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The real-time 3D role-playing game Arknights: Endfield APK has strategic components. The events of Endfield take place on the dangerous planet Talos-II, which is full of dangers and disasters. We have not yet studied the vast wilderness and uninhabited areas that extend far beyond the colonies of the Habitable Band. Thus, to solve the mystery hidden beneath the deserted ruins, gamers will travel through this wild environment with the operatives of Endfield Industries.

Endfield features completely new gameplay elements and content. In Endfield, players can command a group of people to explore Talos-II, complete objectives, open new chapters of the story, and overcome fascinating difficulties. Along the intuitive narrative path, the player's team will face numerous opponents and factions. These interactions will provide an exciting experience of battles in real-time using various strategies.


The world of Talos II, where Arknight: Endfield is set, is inhabited by demons known as "Azeloi". Based on rumors that the Endministrator always appears when Endfield Industries or Talos-II are in trouble, you will play the role of the Endministrator, also known as Endfield Industries' trump card.

To maintain civilization, you must continue traveling towards the northernmost point of the planet. You must also protect the massive Originium reactor while you're there.


The game lets you create a squad of up to four characters that you can quickly swap between, deploy different constructions throughout the base, and fight opponents in a fast-paced open world. Apart from that, we get to see a few more mechanics like crafting, fast travel, and other things.

Unlike Aether Gazer, Arknights: Endfield APK For Android offers an open-world experience. This also includes building structures and gathering materials.

Your party can include up to four characters, and all of them can be made stronger in different ways, such as by leveling up or acquiring better weapons. They also have several skills that you can hone with specific materials. The character investment is on par with many Hoyoverse games, such as Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact.

Explore the promise of wild places

Automated construction equipment, New Industries set up production lines in this harsh world of Arknights Endfield, while Originium engines roar through the wilderness. In this game, players take control of a group of veterans from Endfield Industries who are tasked with exploring the Unknown Regions. These Unknown Regions, which extend beyond the current colonies of the Habitable Band, may contain important discoveries and undiscovered riches.

The group of characters in the game is fascinating. One of these is the Endminister, a mysterious character who is rumored to appear during significant crises affecting Talos-II or Endfield Industries. Its mystery has given rise to many myths and legends about its skills, yet no one knows for sure how strong it is. Perlica is another important character; He is renowned for his ability to respond to crises with patience and decisiveness.

The last character you will meet is Wolfgard, a young mercenary who travels frequently. He is accustomed to seeing the worst sides of people. The game's interesting plot has already generated a lot of interest among gamers. However, it is important to understand that it is still in the demo stage. This shows that the game's features can be changed before the full version is released.

Characters overview

There are a total of 9 playable characters, including your persona, the Endminister. You have the option to play as either a male or female Endminister, as in most other Gacha games. Once you choose your protagonist, you will travel with several characters, including:

  • Perlica: The supervisor of Endfield Industries, who is in charge of overseeing Endfield's various operations.
  • Wolfgard: A young mercenary who was a member of the Landbreaker clan and is currently living on the outskirts of society.
  • Zahi: A mysterious young woman who possesses a lot of knowledge that is insignificant. She comes from a remote and mysterious region, but that's all most people knew about her.
  • Amber: A northern knight on a hunt. Once held the title of Order of Steel Oath soldier in the military.
  • Avivenna: A professional warrior and former armed messenger for the Talos-II General Chamber of Commerce (TGCC).
  • Angelina: An operative sent to Endfield from Rhode Island. She was not only a skilled warrior, but also a master of the incredibly unusual anti-gravity ability of the Originium Arts.
  • Chen Qianyu: Perlica's security guard and a skilled operative at Endfield Industries.
  • Fjall: The famous Beastslayer is Fjall from the Order of Steel Oath. However, he returned to the civilization band after growing tired of the constant bloodshed and fighting and pursued a career in medicine.

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