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Coming soon for Android
Updated On:
Jul 11, 2024
Varies with device
Required Android:
6.0 and up
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X-Regin is an exciting 3D fantasy action role-playing game (ARPG). It is set in a cyberpunk environment and features mythical creatures, superpowers, and mecha. In a futuristic urban setting, players transform into superpowered heroes and embark on exciting adventures.

Immersive Open World Experience

The game features a massive open world created using the Unreal Engine. A futuristic metropolis with advanced technology and magical abilities is open to players. In the game, users can control mecha and use a variety of superpowers in real-time combat.

Diverse Superpower System

X-Regin APK For Android has a flexible superpower skill system available. Players can create visually appealing battle effects by mixing and matching different strikes. They can trigger elemental reactions by deliberately combining talents; for example, they can combine fire and wind to deal explosive damage.

Unique Fashion Collection

Special outfits that are obtained through boss fights and gameplay – not through microtransactions – allow players to look different. With the game's many fashion options, users can design their distinct look.

Team-based combat

X-Regin APK Download features multiplayer combat with various character professions and skills. To combat formidable monsters and giant beasts, players can form alliances. Battle leadership and strategic cooperation are essential for success.

Mecha and Beast Battles

Gamers can control formidable mechas that are equipped with Gatling guns, laser blades, and cannons. These mechas can unleash powerful attacks against giant beasts and deal a lot of damage.

Story and Mission to Save the World

Players are tasked with preserving the futuristic world as superpowered Guardians. They learn the truth about the city's dangers and hidden secrets through fierce encounters with giants and beasts.

Regular Updates and Global Events

New challenges and experiences can be found in X-Regin's synchronized worldwide updates and events. In addition to participating in time-limited activities and traveling around the world on excursions with friends, players can discover new places.


In X-Regin APK Latest Version, players are invited to investigate a universe where mysterious superpowers coexist with futuristic technology. You become much more than just a player as you operate mecha, use abilities, and venture into uncharted territory with other players from around the world. You become the protector and defender of a futuristic metropolis.

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