Granny: Revamp APK 0.8.1 Download For Android

Granny: Revamp APK 0.8.1 Download For Android 0.8.1 Download

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0.8.1 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 05, 2024
275 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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In the horror game Granny: Revamp APK for mobile devices, players must fight the scary figure Granny in a cat-and-mouse game to stay alive. If you want to get out of Granny's house without being seen, you need to be very sneaky and careful.


The scary story drops players in Granny's strange house without explaining why they are locked up. Secret writings on the walls suggest that the prisoners are being held for a bad reason. With five days left until an unknown end, getting out of the creepy house quickly becomes a must. 

A Look at the Gameplay 

It's important to move quickly and quietly through the scary rooms to find useful tools and puzzle clues because Granny gets angry at any sound. People must be very careful with how they talk to her so as not to scare her and start a panicked chase. It's possible to hide, but she will keep looking everywhere.

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Features of Granny: Revamp APK Latest Version

Noise Detection

Granny can hear very well, so she quickly comes over when someone does something noticeable, like running or dropping something. The key is to tread lightly and keep your conversations quiet. 

Hiding Spots

Wardrobes and underbeds are brief safe places for her to stay while she hunts, but she will check them carefully, so don't stay, please!

Figure out puzzles 

To move forward, you must use your exploration and deduction skills to figure out the hints and locked doors that are spread around the creepy house.

Inventory Management 

To get into places with escape routes, you need to find household items and collect them while using them in certain ways. Holding on to limited resources improves your chances.  

Time Limit

You only have 5 days to escape, so you need to be quick when looking through rooms, working puzzles, hiding from Granny, and keeping track of your stamina. 

How to Stay Alive in Granny Revamp download

  • Don't run, walk slowly everywhere! Always use low mode.
  • Gently set down the things you've gathered. It makes noise to throw. 
  • Plan out where you can hide on each level in case of an emergency.
  • If you're hiding, use sense mode to check if Granny is coming closer. 
  • Only move when she is on the lower floors to give yourself the best chance of getting away.


Granny: Revamp APK is a scary mobile game that rewards careful thought and meta-skill growth through its mysterious stages. It combines stealth gameplay with unsettling tension and restriction. Your survival will depend on how clever you are!

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