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Dark Riddle 3 APK 1.0.0 Download

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1.0.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 21, 2024
352 MB
Required Android:
6.0 and up
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Dark Riddle 3 APK is a third-person adventure thriller game that features engaging objectives and an interactive setting. It is the third sequel in the Dark Riddle gaming series. Crack riddles and learn the truth about a mysterious neighbor. In addition, his sister and brother, who are equally cunning in their schemes to rule the globe, assist their neighbor.

The game combines aspects of adventure and horror. As you struggle to survive in this dangerous and mysterious environment, you will feel the rush of adrenaline. Keep an eye out since every shadow or rustle could be significant.


The journey starts in an odd city with lots of interesting and practical things to engage with. During the game, you will encounter strange animals that might be both allies and opponents. You will also meet an enigmatic scientist and an extraterrestrial equipment vendor on your travels. As the game progresses, you will encounter an increasing number of characters and the story's mysteries will start to reveal themselves.

The objective of the game is to discover the hidden car that holds all the information and look into what your suspicious neighbors are up to. On your path, you'll come across a lot of traps, barriers, locks, and closed doors, but everything will have a solution if you figure out each problem and get past all the challenges in the game.

High-quality graphics

A tense and ambiguous mood is produced by the game's horror-inspired visuals. Sound effects are also crucial since they bring attention to all the little details in the scene and provide spine-tingling noises.

Dark Riddle 3 APK For Android takes players on an engrossing voyage through a terrifying and mysterious world where every choice has consequences. Are you prepared to take on the unknown and solve Dark Riddle 3: Strange Hill's riddles? Take a look at this exciting world and see how brave you are now!

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