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16.8 for Android
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Jan 03, 2024
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4.1 and up
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You have to play this game if you like Power Warriors or Dragon Ball. You can fight with your favorite characters in the game and give them more training if you think they need it. Games like this one are also big hits for the person who made them because the ideas behind them are fun. There are other action games on the market, but this one is different. It's also important to train hard before the fight. So, make sure you train first and then fight.

About Power Warriors APK

This is a fast-paced 2D fighting game where you can fight alone or with a team. People got the idea for this game from the Dragon Ball series, where characters fight very hard.

The game has 20 stages, and each one has its storyline. When you finish difficult challenges, you can get rewards like valuable items. Many game types in this app let you have fun and kill time.


Fighting games like Power Warriors put you in dangerous situations where you have to fight to stay alive. It means the game is a real action one. To do this, you need to teach your heroes how to fight other bad guys. You can also fight with your friends to see how good you are and get better. During the battle, you can also use your superpowers, such as energy drinks, special tools, and more to make you stronger. One thing I will tell you, though: only use your special skills when they are needed.

You can only use the abilities so many times before they run out. AiM style is used for the figures in the game. So, people who like to play anime games should also try this game. Plus, the game is easy to understand for all kinds of players because it's simple to play. They were either seeing it for the first time or had played the game before. You need to be good at making plans because a good plan can just help you win.

The person will be able to use all the buttons on the screen to play. One button in the bottom corner looks like a joystick, and two more are in the bottom right corner. You can also change how the buttons work to suit your needs. This is my favorite part of any game. If you want to win the match, don't use short tricks. Because sometimes they get you into trouble and you lose.

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Features of Power Warriors APK Latest Version

2D Graphics

Even though the images in this game are flat, it feels like a 3D game when you play it. This is what makes this game so great. Not only that, but this game has beautiful colors and maps. So give the game a shot.

A Lot Of Missions

This game gives you a lot of tasks to do. Players stay interested in Power Warriors download because of the new tasks. They never want to leave. Because we want there to always be something new in the game, and the creators have already added a lot of tasks. So, everyone benefits.

Diverse Play Modes

It's fun to play because it has great graphics and different game types. You will get excited about tasks that are hard and interesting, and you will fight in epic battles. There are several stages and levels in the game, each with its tasks. Every task or mission is different and has a new enemy. Fight the bad guys and people who want to destroy peace. Be a part of great battles with Frieza, Piccolo, and other characters. Play the game in Arcade, Challenges, Free Battle, Training, Survival, and Boss Battle modes to see how well you do.

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Cool Animated Characters

In this great action game, you can watch famous animated figures fight. All of your favorite characters from the popular anime show Dragon Ball are in this game. You can choose the person you want from a group of famous ones and then go on exciting quests. Also, let them wipe out the bad guys and their angry bosses. Stand up to what your opponents are doing and enjoy success.

Craft Weapons and Equipment

Make tools that can kill to fight the animated bosses and dangerous enemies in tough battles. Go deep and you'll find rare armor. Boost your abilities and move up in rank.

Unleash your Skills and Learn More

Use amazing moves and smart game strategy to beat the monster enemy. The best way to fight in the game is to use both offensive and defense moves. Gain more amazing powers as you learn new skills and move forward. Use your special skills to weaken enemy attacks.

Boss fights

When you play Boss Battles, you go up against the big monster bosses in direct combat. The game's many styles make the battles very intense and give serious players new things to try. Kill the enemy and take their stuff to take over the fight and become the game's powerful warrior.

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Some Playing Tips for Power Warriors 16.8 APK

Train extensively before battles

Make sure to use the training tools to make your characters stronger before you put them in battle. To win battles, you need to learn in a lot of different areas.

Master offensive and defensive skills

Learn moves that can stop or counter enemy attacks as well as moves that can do damage in groups. Both attack and defense should be balanced.

Take advantage of special abilities and power-ups

At key points, use character abilities, energy drinks, and tools to turn the tide in your favor. But be careful how you use them because they are limited.

Employ strategic thinking and planning

Instead of just jumping into fights, carefully plan your strategy by thinking about your team's strengths and flaws, your opponents' weaknesses, the best weapons to use, and the terrain. A creative plan gives you an edge.

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Complete missions and challenges to get rewards

By completing different tasks, stages, and missions, you can get useful items like resources, weapons, armor, and rank boosts for your fighters.

Unlock and acquire new playable characters

Add fan-favorite animated characters from Dragon Ball and other shows to your squad to give your fighters new ways to fight and new skills to use in battle.

Experiment with different game modes

Try all of the different play styles, such as arcade, survival, boss battles, and more. Each one has its fights, enemies, and levels of difficulty to beat.

Craft powerful weapons and gear

Forge, loot, and wear gear that gives your character more damage, defense, or other stats that work with their skills to easily beat enemies.

Take on menacing boss monsters as the ultimate test

Boss battles are intense, high-stakes fights between you and the game's main bad guys. Beating them shows how strong you are.

Keep playing daily for more rewards

Play every day and use the daily login prizes that give you coins based on the difficulty level you choose.

What's New in the Power Warriors Latest Version

  • 28 Brand-New People
  • 4 Brand-New Stages
  • Three new stories
  • New Rewards Every Day
  • Now, the number of coins you get depends on the difficulty level you choose. The harder the level, the more coins you get.

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