Dynasty Legends 2 APK

Dynasty Legends 2 APK 1.20.602 Download

1.20.602 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 01, 2024
533 MB
Required Android:
7.0 and up
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The multiplayer action role-playing game Dynasty Legends 2 features hack-and-slash gameplay. The player takes on the role of a warrior in a conflict between three kingdoms in the game. There are over six different online game modes available, such as single-player matches and team battles with up to 60 fighters per squad. 8 base classes with advanced skill trees and talents are available for selection.

The scale of the game is its primary feature. An arena can simultaneously house up to 100 people, and their pets, and siege weapons such as catapults and ballistas. The developers have skillfully blended multiplayer combat with the story. There are great videos to watch between missions.

You can become the overlord of the three kingdoms and defeat thousands of opponents on your own with this exciting fighting experience. Spectacular visuals take you to frantic ancient battlefields. Fight with your friends now and expand your empire!

Character Classes and customization

Eight base classes are available to players, each with their special skills and higher skill tree. This enables a wide range of play styles and extensive character customization.

Various Game Modes

Dynasty Legends 2 APK has over 6 online modes available, including:

  • Single player clashes
  • Combats between a squad of up to sixty combatants
  • Various PvP settings (1v1, 3v3, 60v60)

Superb Graphics

With its incredibly detailed 3D models and special effects, the game offers players an amazing visual experience that vividly recreates ancient battlefields.

Real-time PvP

The PvP version of the game prioritizes battles based on skill. Players can showcase their abilities on a level playing field as all heroes are balanced to ensure fair battles.

Guild System

Dynasty Legends 2's guild system promotes multiplayer gaming. Gamers can build strong relationships with each other, strengthen their guilds, and engage in family-friendly battles.

One vs Thousands

In a single stage, the game gives players the ability to kill thousands of opponents on their own, creating an exciting and powerful battle experience.

Fair Competition

In PvP games, character level and equipment are less important than skill. This strategy guarantees that each individual has an equal opportunity to compete for the throne.


The Three Kingdoms era is the backdrop for the epic, large-scale battle experience found in Dynasty Legends 2 APK. It offers a distinctive blend of action, strategy, and roleplaying with its vast battlefields, various game modes, gorgeous graphics, and engaging stories. Dynasty Legends 2 is a fascinating journey through one of the most chaotic eras in history, whether you're fighting alone against thousands of people or in guild battles with friends.

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