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Updated On:
May 08, 2024
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8.0 and up
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Infection Free Zone APK is an action game based on a world where the “Mad Virus” has spread. The entire planet has been devastated by this virus, with cities abandoned and without food, water, or energy. Still, some survivors are finding it difficult to start over after this horrific event.

Choose a Surviving Colony

Players are given the extraordinary chance to choose any city or town on Earth as their starting point in the infection-free zone. Thanks to real-world data from OpenStreetMap, users can get an extremely detailed map by simply typing the name of a place. Due to this immersive feature, players can experience the game in a familiar environment, which adds to the mystery of the struggle for survival.

Build a new civilization

After determining the location, players must create a brand new Infection Free Zone – a safe zone where survivors can reunite and begin the process of rebuilding their lives. In addition to building production facilities and shelters, players will need to modify pre-existing structures to meet their new needs. Long-term settlement feasibility will depend on the development of new farms and power plants. It is also necessary to build fortifications such as walls, gates, and towers to protect the neighborhood from the constant danger posed by diseased individuals.

Use of local knowledge

The player's knowledge of the selected town or city should be used to increase their chances of survival. Along with finding out the past locations of pharmacies, grocery stores, and potential weapons stores, they should also determine ideal locations to set up security. However, exploring abandoned buildings should be done with caution, as sick individuals may be hiding inside, waiting for an opportunity to attack.

Protect the system

Large groups of diseased people would continuously attack the village at night. To avoid these attacks, players must use all available tools, such as melee and ranged weapons, vehicles, obstacles, and even light sources. Players will need to use strategic thinking and decisive action in this challenging battle for survival.

Achieve ultimate victory

In addition to protecting the city and reestablishing civilization, players can aim for ultimate victory by investigating and treating or vaccinating against the Mad Virus. This vital project may hold the secret to returning the Earth to its former glory and permanently eliminating the threat posed by the infected.

Meeting other survivors

The player's village is not the only village to survive in this post-apocalyptic environment. It is inevitable that as they travel the world they will encounter other survivors groups. While some may be cooperative and open to exchanging resources, others may be aggressive and hostile, resulting in violent confrontations. Players must carefully consider the risks and benefits of each interaction as they navigate these interactions.

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