The Classroom Horror Game APK

The Classroom Horror Game APK Early Access Download

App By:
Hillcrest Games
Early Access for Android
Updated On:
May 14, 2024
Varies with device
Required Android:
8.0 and up
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The Classroom APK is a unique survival horror game that combines aspects of found footage, random creation, and a frontier space environment. In this 1996 game, which is set in a condemned public school, you play as Robert Chen, a man who uses a camera to go inside and investigate the disappearance of several children, including his younger sister.


You'll find content from Robert's videos that will uncover the many oddities and creatures hidden within the school as you explore the never-ending maze of hallways and classrooms. Because every game is different, you can always expect a unique and scary experience.

The Haunting Mystery

As you explore further you will learn more about the Maze Institute and the terrible mystery behind the disappearance of Robert's sister and other students. You get an added sense of mystery and immersion from the found footage format, making you feel like you're there for Robert's harrowing journey.

Survival and Adaptation

Your survival in this dynamic environment depends on your ability to adjust to the particular mechanics of each object and anomaly you encounter. You'll need to use both quick thinking and careful observation as you make your way through procedurally generated classrooms and hallways as you never know what terrifying surprises will lie around the next turn.

Procedural World

Every time you play, classes reveal a new and completely procedural world. A gaming experience that is constantly full of surprises is ensured by procedural aspects and billions of imaginable layouts.


Keep track of the different creatures that inhabit the universe of the classroom. If one wishes to survive, it will be important to thoroughly investigate the various characteristics of the entities, which can range from harmless to seriously harmful. Each unit is different from the others due to its complex and unique set of mechanics.

Features of The Classroom Horror Game APK

Nearby sounds: The sound of your input device has an impact on the game environment. Loud sounds can give away your location about certain things, yet you may be able to subdue people with your voice.

Inventory: Find and use various items, tools, keys, and codex entries. The things that one person has access to may not be the same as the things that you have.

Entities: Learn about the special dynamics of each entity and learn to cope with them.

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