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App By:
Invictus Studio
0.3 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 12, 2024
88 MB
Required Android:
4.1 and up
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After moving to a new place, you've noticed anything out of the ordinary right away. The neighbor next door acts pretty weirdly; he rushes all the time, keeps an eye on everything you do, hardly leaves the house, and he frequently creates things by pounding and nailing. Additionally, occasionally, screams come from his house. Discover what secrets are hidden behind the neighbor's door and what skeletons are kept in his closets. In keeping with the finest traditions of point-and-click adventures, you must gather keys, and different objects, open doors, and - above all - avoid getting discovered by a suspicious neighbor.

About Angry Neighbor 0.3 APK

Angry Neighbor is a first-person horror adventure game that takes place in a residential area. As a new resident, your curiosity about your neighbor's odd behavior has grown, causing you to investigate their home and discover the secrets they've been keeping. You run the danger of getting caught by the neighbor, though, who is trying to stop you from learning the truth, because of your curiosity.


Something evil is hiding in their house, and the neighbor has always been an oddball. You enter your neighbor's home out of curiosity, but instead of receiving a cordial welcome, they begin to pursue you obstinately. Your goal is to stay out of the neighbor's traps, take your own time exploring the house, and eventually uncover the sinister truth behind their odd behavior.

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Features of Angry Neighbor APK

Explore the Neighbor's House: Make your way through the neighbor's home, following hints, resolving riddles, and deciphering the secrets that await you there.

Steer clear of the Unsettling Neighbour: They are always looking for trouble, and once they are discovered, it's all over. To survive, remain vigilant, employ stealth strategies, and avoid their traps.

Gather Items and Keys: To access additional places and carry out your research more thoroughly, look around the house for various things, tools, and keys.

Immersion in the First Person: Play the game as if it were your first, which will increase the tension and sense of immersion as you explore the foreboding surroundings.

Optimized for Mobile Devices: Enjoy fluid 3D graphics and simple touch controls that are tailored for mobile devices, enabling you to play while on the go.

How to engage in gameplay

Fantastic It's similar to saying hi to your neighbour. though I used a method to make it easier to beat even though it's harder. Simply follow him into the garage, wait for him to catch you, then proceed to his house, close the garage door, and locate the sledgehammer and keys. 

The game will then begin. To begin, pick up the key and click the left button. A small home will be behind you. You can turn on and off the light by using the box. If you are unsure of where to go, run. Because it is their first time playing, Han does not comprehend the enormous house's windows and doors being set on the board, so they plot to peek inside the window and discover a group of individuals that resemble zombies there. This time, you discovered that even though every location on the map is normal, you can only move the neighbors who live closest to the house. The entire game revolves around the name, much like the puzzle game of the little partner, so you should be careful where you jump. The thief should be your horrible neighbor.

Some Playing Tips

Observation is Key: Keep a watchful eye on your surroundings because objects and hints can be hidden in plain sight. Look closely in all the spaces and nooks for important materials.

Patience and Stealth: To avoid alerting the neighbor, despite the great need to explore, exercise care, and employ stealth techniques. Keep to the shadows, move slowly, and carefully consider your next move.

Use Your Resources Wisely: Certain tools and keys might not be available for long. Because it might come in handy later in the game, weigh your alternatives carefully before using an expensive resource.


Angry Neighbor APK offers a unique and chilling experience that blends horror, adventure, and puzzle-solving elements into a captivating first-person quest. Put yourself in the position of a newcomer who is full of curiosity and discovers the sinister secrets hidden in the neighbor's home. The thrilling action, unsettling atmosphere, and persistent danger of being discovered make Angry Neighbour APK an exciting game to play. Download the game now and be ready to face the unknown, but always remember to exercise caution lest you get sucked into your neighbor's complicated web of secrets by an enraged neighbor.

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