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1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 12, 2024
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7.0 and up
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Explore the intriguing virtual world of Zoonomaly, a revolutionary game that combines strategy, exploration, and adventure to offer an unparalleled gaming experience. Go on an expedition through lush settings teeming with exotic creatures and ancient riddles begging to be answered. With Zoonomaly Horror Game, players may lose themselves in an infinitely customizable universe where every decision they make affects how their adventure plays out. Discover the mysteries that await you as you go deeper into this amazing universe. Use this unique opportunity to download Zoonomaly for free right now and feel the thrill! Take on the role of a daring explorer and solve the mysteries hidden in this captivating game.

Along with the free download, players can also get free in-game prizes from the game. These gifts - which vary from powerful weapons to uncommon relics - will help you get past the challenges Zoonomaly throws at you. If you follow these easy steps to get these freebies, you should have no trouble becoming an expert player in the game.

About Zoonomaly APK - Zoo Horror Game

Zoonomaly is a survival horror and puzzle game set in an open-world zoo map. Because of the randomized nature of the game, players are free to use any strategy they like to finish it. In addition to navigating a monster-infested zoo and trying to survive, players must look for key cards that reveal the origins of the zoo. The secret to halting the proliferation of monsters is to gather all the crucial cards by working through riddles strewn across the grounds.


Players must gather the key shards that are hidden throughout the zoo to succeed in Zoonomaly for Android. The problems in the animal cages must be solved to collect these shards. Players can uncover the source of the monster abnormalities by assembling the master key once they have all the shards.

Exploration and Survival

The zoo grounds are open for players to explore, and they will come upon rogue monsters, mazes, and puzzles. Part of the joy is losing themselves in these pleasantly unsettling surroundings. But surviving is crucial since unkillable monster anomalies are roaming the grounds in all shapes and sizes. Running is the best course of action when in doubt, and avoiding collision at all costs is imperative.

Defense and Collectibles

Players are armed with a Bloom O'Bang, a deterrent that can stop any chasing monster, to help them survive. Players may also view the invisible monster aura spectrum surrounding them with this instrument, which makes it an important tool that should be used carefully. Gaining victory requires gathering key shards, which are located inside the enclosures following the completion of the puzzles inside.

Features of Zoonomaly Horror Game APK

Discover the Zoo: Walk around the zoo grounds at your leisure, finding riddles, mazes, and renegade beasts as you immerse yourself in this amusingly unsettling setting.

Stay Alive: Make an effort to survive while on the zoo's grounds, where monster aberrations of all sizes and kinds prowl. Since they cannot be killed, it is imperative to avoid contact at all costs. Run if you're unsure!

Defend Yourself: Defend Yourself by arming yourself with the Bloom O'Bang, a deterrent that can stop oncoming monsters and let you observe the spectrum of invisible monster auras surrounding you. Make sensible use of it.

Gather to Win: The only way to access the source of the monster abnormalities is to gather the various key shards that are strewn across the zoo. Within the cages are key shards.

Solve Puzzles: Inside each cage, some puzzles must be solved to reveal a key shard. You need to solve these riddles, which are dispersed across the zoo, to find each key shard.

Protect Yourself: If you have a flash, you can shoot a strong light beam at any monster that is trying to pursue you. Light bulbs are needed for flash defense, but you can only carry five at a time, so use them carefully.

Some Playing Tips

Strategy is key: In Zoonomaly APK Latest Version, survival, and goal fulfillment depend heavily on speed, cunning, and strategy. While searching for the keys requires progress, it's as crucial to know when to run or hide to get away.

Try new approaches: It is a free game that provides numerous approaches to problem-solving. Feel free to try out various tactics in each turn and see how they work.


Zoonomaly APK for Android guarantees a thrilling journey unlike any other. With its distinct fusion of open-world adventure, puzzles, and survival horror, this game forces players to use their judgment, adjust fast, and enjoy the thrill of the unknown. Whether you're an experienced player or brand-new to the world of virtual adventures, Zoonomaly provides an amazing and suspenseful experience. Immerse yourself in this enthralling universe by downloading the game for free right now. Every decision you make will affect how you navigate this world of dread and wonder.

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