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Akatsuki Games
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Updated On:
Jun 17, 2024
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10 and up
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Kaiju No.8 The Game APK is an RPG game based on a manga by Naoya Matsumoto. The story depicts the bloody conflict between the "Japan Defense Forces", who fight monsters to protect civilians, and the mercilessly attacking monsters in a world where monsters constantly threaten humans.

You can face exciting challenges in the game with the main characters of Naoya Matsumoto's imagination, written and illustrated. During every game, your goal is to eliminate every Kaiju before these evil creatures destroy all of Japan.


Kafka Hibino wanted to join the Defense Force because he lived in a world where monsters called Kaiju were common. He vows to enlist with his childhood friend Mina Ashiro. They are soon separated due to life circumstances. Kafka meets Reno Ichikawa while working as a cleanup crew after the Kaiju battles. Reno's resolve to join the Defense Force brings back Kafka's vow to protect humanity together with Mina.

For a long time, bizarre monsters called "kaiju" that look like Godzilla have been seen all over Japan. An elite military unit called the Defense Corps risks their lives every day to fight these beasts and protect citizens. The job of disposing of a creature's remains is assigned to "sweepers" who are employed by the Professional Kaiju Cleaner Corporation.

32-year-old Kafka Hibino is not happy with his position as a sweeper. He always wanted to join the Defense Corps and become a professional killer of kaiju. But after missing a few opportunities, he gave up on his goals and accepted a mediocre job that comes with a respectable salary. Nevertheless, Kafka is reminded of his desire to join the military once again when an ambitious 18-year-old recruit named Leno Ichikawa joins his cleaning crew.

After experiencing several unfortunate events and interacting with the Junior Sweepers, Kafka finds a parasite-type kaiju that enters his mouth and transforms him into a monstrous human. Kafka wants to try his lifelong dream one last time with his newly acquired powers.

Help Kafka Hibino in every task

You will see both characters from the original anime and scenes familiar to you in Kaiju No. 8: The Game APK. Assisting heroes like Kafka Hibino, you will strive to advance through every corner of a makeshift Japan while defeating numerous opponents. The Defense Forces and the Monster Sweeper Company will engage in fierce battles and do everything possible to protect people from the dark invasions that threaten mankind.

In Kaiju No. 8: The Game Kafka, despite initially having only human characteristics, will be able to transform into a terrifying kaiju using the hero's duality throughout the game. Thanks to these transformations, you will find it much easier to attack the most formidable enemies. Remember to team up with other characters like Reno Ichikawa or Kikoru Shinomiya to stop evil from spreading to every part of the map.

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