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Jan 24, 2024
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Lifetour live App new esports platform has been launched in Bangladesh focused exclusively on the popular battle royale game - FreeFire. It enables professional as well as amateur gamers to compete, showcase skills, and earn money prizes through FreeFire gameplays and tournaments.

About App

This online gaming platform has been created specifically for the FreeFire player base in Bangladesh. The game has witnessed massive uptake among Bangladeshi mobile gamers recently due to the thriving esports scene.

The platform allows players to create profiles, form teams, network with fellow gamers, compete in contests, and win actual cash rewards. Both 1v1 battles and team tournaments are conducted regularly. It aims to nurture a community of skilled FreeFire esports athletes in the country.

Key Features of Lifetour Live APK

Some main services and features of the gaming platform include:

  • Profile Building: Create gamer IDs to exhibit statistics and achievements
  • Team Formation: Form squads by sending requests or getting scouted
  • Gameplay & Competition: Participate in 1v1 and team contests
  • Leaderboards: Track performances across various gameplay statistics
  • Cash Prizes: Earn money by finishing in top ranks after competitions
  • Community: Interact with fellow gamers through forums and discussions
  • Scouting: Discover well-matched teammates based on mutual interests
  • Streaming: Broadcast live gameplay feeds for fans and spectators

Gameplay Format & Rules

The FreeFire contests generally follow this format and rules:

  • Game mode: Battle Royale
  • Map: Bermuda or Kalahari
  • Team size: 1 member or 4 members
  • Weapons: All (no restrictions)
  • Duration: 10 to 15 minutes per match
  • Prize pool: Variable per tournament

The team or player collecting maximum kills and surviving the longest across multiple game rounds wins the grand prize.

Tips for Players

Gamers participating in contests on the platform can utilize these gameplay tips:

  • Master weapons and movement controls
  • Memorize island maps and terrains
  • Explore advanced settings for sensitivity, HUD, etc.
  • Equip suitable skins for a tactical edge
  • Coordinate properly in squad games
  • Combine combat with survival tactics
  • Make strategic use of utilities and supplies


This esports platform finally gives Bangladeshi mobile gaming enthusiasts an avenue to transform their FreeFire passion into a rewarding profession. With sufficient skills and the right techniques, ascending the leaderboards and earning money is now possible.

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