Super Dragon Punch Force 3 APK

Super Dragon Punch Force 3 APK 240427.4 Download

240427.4 for Android
Updated On:
May 02, 2024
943 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up
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Enter the action-packed universe of Super Dragon Punch Force 3 APK, a fashionable and fast-paced fighting game that will challenge your fighting ability to the limit. Regardless of your experience level, this free-to-play game offers intuitive combat and amazing 1-v-1 battles. As you move up the leaderboards, be ready to choose your warrior from a growing range of exclusive characters and steal victory from your rivals.

The Inspiration: Boy Kill World

Super Dragon Punch Force 3 is based on the action-thriller film "Boy Kill World". This dystopian fever dream tells the story of a deaf-mute boy with a sharp mind who, after his family is killed, is taught by a mysterious exorcist to become the instrument of murder. With its thrilling action sequences that appear to be inspired by the martial arts scenes of video games, "Boy Kill World" has a special connection to this game.

Origin of Invention

There is a scene in the film where a ready-made arcade game called "Super Dragon Punch Force II" is shown. Notably, the game is an immediate sequel to both the fictional game and its real-life implementation. This explains why "Super Dragon Punch Force" and its predecessors are integral to the "Boy Kill World" universe, which is why you won't find them in any game store.

Personalize Your Fighter

You can use a variety of skins and cosmetic accessories to personalize your favorite character in Super Dragon Punch Force 3 APK. Using the in-fight emote system, you can stay cool, and collected and showcase your player card with vibrant cosmetic accessories. Showcase your individuality and sense of flair as you fight your way to the top.

Competitive and Social Gameplay

In Ranked Play, showcase your talents against other players by rising to the top of your division, or take on your friends in private online matches. Play casual battles against other players or AI to show off your skills, or simply counterattack and have fun. This Game has multiple gaming options suitable for both casual and competitive gamers.

Cross-Platform Convenience

Super Dragon Punch Force 3 is playable on PC and mobile devices with the same account, and it supports all controllers so you can battle anyone, anywhere, anytime. Regardless of your preference for the precision of the controller or the ease of touchscreen controls, Super Dragon Punch Force 3 guarantees a flawless gaming experience on all platforms.

Immerse Yourself in the Action

Super Dragon Punch Force 3 APK For Android is an invitation to fully immerse yourself in the thrilling arena of martial arts combat rather than just another fighting game. The game, with its distinctive connection to the “Boy Kill World” universe, interchangeable characters, and cross-platform access, offers gamers of all skill levels an incredibly unique and captivating experience. Be ready to channel your inner martial arts professional and make an impact on the leaderboard.

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