Interesting Food Facts That Made Me Go, "Wow, I Did NOT Know That!"

1. Coriander tastes like soap to some people, because of the presence of a few genes.

2. The colour of honey may vary through the entire year, depending on the season and the flowers that blossom.

3. Puffball mushrooms can reach a diameter of 150 centimetres and a weight of 20 kilograms!

4. The Mayans used chocolate as currency.

5. The popular British breakfast / brunch dish, Kedgeree, has origins in our very own Khichri!

6. There's a reason why airplane food doesn't taste good. Your taste buds react differently because of dry air and a pressurised cabin.

7. There might be bugs in your favourite snacks. Carmine, a red dye, is made from crushed bugs! It's used in candies, sodas, ketchup, canned cherries, and red velvet cakes.

8. Alphonso mangoes were introduced to India by the Portuguese.

9. Horizontally sliced bread is a thing that exists. This looks like the grandma version of bread.

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