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1.0.4 for Android
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Apr 24, 2024
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8.0 and up
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The horror dungeon crawler Fear and Hunger APK takes place in the desolate and gloomy dungeons of Fear and Hunger. Four unfortunate explorers explore this old fortress's interior mysteries as they delve farther and deeper into the shadows. The stronghold serves as a prehistoric hub connecting several realms of existence. The players must decide on their position and stance amid the constant chaos in the depths caused by the struggle for control between the ancient and new gods.

The game is a cross between the survival horror and dungeon crawler genres, with elements of Nethack and Silent Hill. The gameplay has a strong j-RPG basis with some roguelike aspects. Fear & Hunger has a brutal difficulty level and a strong atmosphere.


It's a very grim world of Fear & Hunger. The intended audience for this game is adults only! In the dungeons, extreme violence and gore are commonplace sights, and dying is one of the game's easiest ways to end. The game features strong topics like self-mutilation and sexual violence, as well as drug and substance misuse. But none of the subjects are treated lightly. They all contribute to world-building and help to create a distinct atmosphere in which the player's willingness to go to extreme lengths to survive is tested in the game.

To keep things interesting on further playthroughs, certain aspects of the dungeon structure, events, loot, and monster placements are randomly assigned with a few distinct variations. As a result of the game's classic trial-and-error style, you should prepare to restart it frequently. However, you can easily find yourself at the dungeon's higher levels if you learn from your mistakes.

Fear & Hunger APK features turn-based combat with a unique twist, similar to older role-playing games. To tactically dismember your opponents and increase your chances of surviving, you can target certain limbs. On the other hand, if you are not careful, opponents can even amputate your playable characters' arms and legs. To survive, you must be well-prepared for every confrontation. But keep in mind that the wisest course of action is frequently to flee from threats. The game offers a variety of strategies to help you survive: you can upgrade your gear, learn new blood and love magic, merge characters, pray to different gods, negotiate your way out of combat, make new friends, snipe foes from a distance, set traps to neutralize them, and more. and so forth. The idea is to make inventive use of the resources you have available.

Features of Fear and Hunger APK Download

  • hostile and unforgiving environment
  • There are four distinct character classes and a ton of other characters to be recruited.
  • Unforgiving and original gameplay
  • randomized components to maintain the game's novelty on repeat plays
  • Strategic Dismemberment based on the Turn Battle System
  • graphical art form combining digital painting and pixel art
  • The original ambient music set the gloomy tone

Four classes to choose from

You can select from four distinct character classes when you launch a new game of Fear and Hunger. Each class has its history, set of abilities, reason for existing, and challenges. Mercenary, Knight, Dark Priest, and Outlander are the four classes. It should be mentioned that although though you pick your first adventurer at the start of the game, you can locate and enlist the help of the other characters by exploring the catacombs. Furthermore, you'll need to enlist as much assistance as possible if you want to succeed. You should therefore make an effort to interact with every character you come across during your journey.

A dungeon full of dangers

One of the key aspects that has made Fear and Hunger so popular is its level of difficulty. It is not unusual for your first game to conclude with your character in shambles in less than five minutes. Less than two minutes into the trip, many gamers pass away before they ever reach the catacombs. Everything has the potential to be deadly. One of the most important things to remember when you first start playing Fear and Hunger is that you do not get experience or currency for killing foes. You can't get anything by searching these dungeons for a fight. Fighting a pack of ravenous dogs will only win you a few nibbles. And just to be safe, perhaps an illness. In the end, assuming that death is an essential component of the gaming experience is among the best bits of advice available.

A dark and intriguing backdrop

Fear and Hunger's most famous feature - its high difficulty level - is its backdrop's richness and complexity, which set it apart from many other RPGs of a similar nature. As was previously established, each of the four original adventurers has a unique reason for beginning the quest, which is all related to the events taken on in the catacombs. Every adventurer has a distinct conclusion as well. You can only reach the five additional unique endings, for a total of nine distinct endings, if you thoroughly examine the game's whole plot. To do this, you'll probably have to read every book you come across and converse with every character.

On your Android smartphone, download the Fear and Hunger APK to experience an amazing role-playing game. An incredibly scary game that can offer endless hours of both fun and terror. Furthermore, there are no lags or unexpected stops in this version of the game, which works well on practically any Android device. Ultimately, the last thing you would want is for the game to break down and start following you into a pitch-black corridor with adversaries.

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