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Apr 24, 2024
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5.0 and up
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Dark and Darker Mobile offers you an engaging and immersive experience by fusing the survival elements of battle royale, the adventure of dungeon crawlers, and the role-playing elements of role-playing games, all inside a medieval low fantasy environment that is reflected in its appearance and feel.

Become the global leader! Take on the role of explorer to dispel darkness!


Dark and Darker Mobile is a difficult first-person shooter game in which you battle both other players and opponents. In this journey, you navigate through ominous dungeons teeming with formidable foes, seeking to escape unscathed and acquire the greatest amount of treasure.

Discover a perilous and magical world

At its most brutal, Dark and Darker Mobile simulates the classic fantasy setting of role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. These dungeons won't be easy to escape, but if you need assistance, you may always join other gamers. Making this decision will be crucial to your survival as well as the survival of your team in Dark and Darker Mobile. Every character has unique tools and abilities. For instance, the rogue can blend into the shadows and avoid detection, while the cleric can cast spells to destroy the undead and heal them.

Battle for fame and fortune

The fact that you will lose all you own if your character dies in a dungeon is one of the most intriguing features of Dark and Darker Mobile. Dark and Darker Mobile immerses you in an extremely harsh universe in this way. You can find and gather a variety of objects throughout the level, including gold, magical armor, magic swords, and other commodities that you can sell. You can sell items you don't need or preserve items you desire before starting a new journey if you survive. Consequently, in Dark and Darker Mobile, it's wise to work together as a team—or, if you believe you can save yourself, to betray them. You'll probably have to leave someone behind in this game since you'll need to pass through a one-time portal in order to exit a dungeon. Those who survive might end up dead or discover another entrance that would allow them to explore the dungeon further.


PvPvE Battle Royale on Mobile

The thrilling PvPvE (Player vs. Player vs. Environment) combat experience that Dark and Darker Mobile provides combines the difficulty of taking down other players to steal their belongings with the excitement of taking on a variety of monsters in dark dungeons.

Diverse Classes and Skills: Medieval Low Fantasy Vibe

The game's several character classes, each with their special traits and gameplay styles, are one of its most notable aspects. The five classes available to players are Fighter, Barbarian, Rogue, Ranger, and Cleric. Players can experiment with alternative team configurations and survival tactics to survive the dungeon battle royale by choosing from a variety of combat experiences offered by these classes.

Dungeon Crawler and Extraction Adventure

At its foundation, Dark and Darker Mobile is a dungeon crawler in which players must uncover hidden portals, battle numerous enemies, and make their way through dark dungeons to survive. The game aims to retrieve priceless treasures from the dungeon, but players have to be cautious of other treasure seekers who might try to take those same riches for themselves.

Extraction RPG: Grow Stronger with Each Run

The game is an extraction role-playing game in which players can strengthen their characters by looting goods and treasures from completed dungeon runs. In the enormous, breathtaking conflicts that occur within the dungeons, players can become fearsome predators by learning various weapons and classes.

The Beauty of Battle Royale in Dungeons

Dark and More Dark Mobile's distinct fusion of PvE and PvP components produces an engrossing battle royale game that takes place inside dangerous dungeons. In addition to battling the evil swarm that ties up their characters, players have to deal with other treasure seekers who are fighting for the same priceless loot. While the risk of defeat means losing everything, the excitement of victory comes from managing to escape the dungeon with the desired valuables.


For those looking for a distinctive blend of medieval low fantasy and battle royale action, Dark and Darker Mobile promises an exciting gaming experience with its several character classes, dungeon-crawling adventures, and furious PvPvE combat.

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