Last week, The CW announced that Riverdale will conclude with a seventh and final season.

1. First, when Jughead gave his iconic (and infamous) "I'm a weirdo" speech.

2. When Veronica, a literal teenager, just casually ran a speakeasy in high school.

3. When Archie was mauled and almost killed by a bear.

4. When Betty, a 16-year-old, performed a pole dance in front of the entire town, including her mother and her boyfriend's father, to join the Serpents.

5. Cheryl casually keeping her dead brother's corpse, talking to him, and introducing him to her girlfriend, Toni. Because there's nothing weird about it at all!!!

6. And when Cheryl became convinced that this creepy doll hanging around Jason's corpse was actually the possessed spirit of Julian, their triplet brother whom she supposedly absorbed in the womb

7. When Hiram, Veronica's dad, framed teenage Archie for murder, and then Archie pleaded guilty to manslaughter and went to juvie.

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