Savi Ki Savari 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update Sonam rejoices hearing Shivam surrendering to Police

Saavi Ki Savaari 28th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update 

The Episode starts with UD asking Saavi where did she go? Saavi says Sonam didi. UD asks what happened to Sonam. Saavi says nothing. UD says you can tell me. Saavi tells that she thought Sonam will get lifepartner of her choice. She says my burden of marrying first will be lowered, but I couldn’t do anything there and here. UD asks about her Chacha. Saavi says he was not my Chacha. I had taken loan from him. UD asks how much. Saavi says 30000 Rs. D says the goons like money lenders are behind you to get 30000 Rs. She says I will give the money. Saavi refuses to take money from her and tells that she has talked to Raju Bhaiyya and tells that he will ride Chattriprasad on rent. She tells that she don’t deserve forgiveness, but apologizes to her. She asks her not to punish Maa for her doings. UD asks her to take bath and go to make prasad.

Saavi comes to Nityam and sees him grinding the flour. She thinks there was some bitterness between Maa and Dalmia ji. She comes and sits. She says not this way and asks him to do reverse. She says she will do it with him then the prasad will be good. She says she didn’t know what happened between them. She says don’t think Maa wrong and tells that the family works due to them. Nityam says you didn’t know anything about Maa and me. He says you might be thinking that you was right about me, and I misbehaved with my mother. Saavi says you are thinking me wrong. Nityam asks her not to become part of his life, as she can never be. He goes. Saavi sits to grind the flour. Giridhar comes there and tells Saavi that Ratna and Sonam have come there. Saavi comes out. Ratna says there are two perspective of everything. Saavi takes Sonam from there. Ratna asks UD about Vedika and Nityam. She thinks to meet Nityam and tell him whatever Sonam did, is to marry him. Saavi takes Sonam to the room. Sonam asks why you are silent. Nityam talks to Kiran and tells that he wants all info about his investor and shall not miss the deal. Ratna comes there.

Saavi tells Sonam that she always tried to fulfill her dreams. Sonam says I am ready for everything as I know what you know. Saavi asks do you know about Shivam. Why did you let him surrender to Police and accept that fake accusation. Sonam asks what? Nityam asks if everything is fine. Ratna says give a chance to my niece, she has done a big mistake. Nityam says you came to know. Ratna says whatever she did this time is a sin. Sonam asks if Shivam surrendered himself. She asks why and pretends to cry.

Saavi cries and tells that he went to the PS and surrendered to the Police for the crime which he didn’t do. A fb is shown, Shivam tells that he is the reason for his father’s death, ruining his brother and girlfriend’s lives. He asks Inspector to please arrest him for mixing poison in the canteen food. Sonam says now the chances are less for him to come out. She asks did he meet you? Saavi says no, I tried to stop him, but couldn’t stop him. She says sorry and hugs him. Sonam gets happy and thinks Mami will be very happy and will get mad.

Nityam says I am not in a mood to forgive your niece, her mistake is not small. Ratna says if you misunderstand her then how your relation will move on. Sonam sheds fake tears and asks Saavi not to tell anything to Nityam or anyone. Saavi asks her to stay there for sometime. Sonam says I need to be alone and think what I shall do. She hugs her and pretends to cry. Saavi cries. Nityam tells Ratna that he don’t believe on someone’s stories. Sonam thinks to stop Ratna before she talks to Nityam. Ratna says the mistake which Sonam did, deserves jail punishment. Nityam is shocked. Ratna continues to say. Sonam runs to stop her.