Sherdil Shergill 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhairav opposes Raj’s decision

Sherdil Shergill 29th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manmeet hitting Raj. He gets hurt. She says sorry. He holds her face and gets close to kiss. Ajeet calls her out. Raj jokes. She says dad is calling, whatever happened is sudden, its shocking for him also, I will explain him, okay, I know how to handle him, they like you, I don’t have that tension, I don’t know how your family accepts me, will they accept me or not.The doctor asks Bhairav how did you let Raj go out. Choti makes an excuse. Doctor says I have some appointments. He leaves. Bhairav looks on. Badi/Pammi calls Deepu and asks where are you. Deepu says I got Raj to Manmeet’s house. She asks what, Manmeet, she had sent your dad to jail. Bhairav takes the call. Deepu says Raj forced me to get him here, forgive me. Bhairav says I m not upset, get Raj home. He packs bags. Nirali asks will you make Raj out of the house. He taunts her. She says don’t send him away. Ajeet says Manmeet wasn’t liking any guy, and now she likes Raj, when there are many problems in his family. Puneet says get happy, Raj proved a lot, he is the best for Manmeet. Ajeet says I have a problem with Bhairav’s family, I have to send her to a good family. Manmeet comes.

Ajeet says you got what you wanted in life, you have achieved everything, now come back, you and Anmol. She asks what about skycity, my dream project, it will be ready in 10 months, my dreams got bigger, you know. Ajeet asks will that family accept you. She says maybe no, but I changed a lot in past few days, Raj is the reason for that change. Puneet smiles. Manmeet says I don’t think I can get a better husband than Raj, Anmol can’t get a better dad, if I m saying this, then I m thinking something, Raj changed my perception. Ajeet says you won’t listen to me. Manmeet says you always be with me. She hugs them. Deepu gets Raj home. Bhairav takes Raj with him. He asks where do you go without telling us, doctor scolded us and left, Nirali was so worried. He asks Nirali to make Raj’s fav food. He says I have a surprise.

Raj asks what surprise. Bhairav says take this, Australia visa and ticket, go in the comedy competition, win and come. Raj returns it and says thanks, but I don’t want to go now, I have sworn on you that I left the standup comedy. Bhairav says I will free you from that swear, I realized I was wrong, from now, your dream is mine. Raj asks really. Bhairav says yes. Raj says now I have changed and my dreams also changed, bless me to fulfil my new dream. Nirali asks what is it. Raj says I proposed Manmeet for marriage. Nirali asks again? Raj says yes, and she said yes, we want to get married. They get shocked. Raj says Anmol will be our child, my only son, Manmeet and I won’t have kids, just Manmeet, Anmol and me in the family. He smiles. Nirali slaps him. She scolds him a lot. She says you think we will accept that girl and her illegitimate child. Raj says Anmol isn’t illegitimate. Nirali says don’t know whose blood is he, your DNA report has come, you aren’t his dad. Raj asks really, no one told me, it doesn’t matter to me. Pammi says if you marry her, then you will get my curse.

Raj says Murari went to jail because of his crime. Choti also scolds Raj. Raj asks her to shut up.Raj says I have decided to marry Manmeet. Nirali says its Bhairav’s mistake, I asked you not to send him to Manmeet for work, answer me now. Bhairav asks Raj to sit. Raj sits. Bhairav says don’t think my silence is my weakness, keep dreams limited to dreams, when dreams get fulfilled, it changes to reality, the reality is, Anmol isn’t your child, Manmeet is this house’s enemy, listen to me carefully, you won’t get married to Manmeet, she won’t become our bahu. Raj worries.