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Tilting Point
0.4.128 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 04, 2024
1.1 GB
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6.0 and up
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Avatar: Realms Collide will take you on an amazing journey across the fascinating Avatar universe. Get ready for this amazing adventure. Players of this gripping strategy game are taken to a world where a sinister cult honoring a dark spirit from the Spirit World has upset equilibrium and balance. To bring peace and order back to once-serene communities, you must answer the call of destiny and form alliances with fabled heroes while anarchy spreads like wildfire, devouring lives and leaving them in ashes.

About Avatar: Realms Collide APK

Avatar: Realms Collide APK is a strategic mobile game that immerses players in the vibrant world of Avatar. Experience the whole Avatar universe with this game, which includes everything from the popular animated shows Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra to the best-selling comic books and more.


An evil cult dedicated to a Spirit World entity appears during a period of peace. Chaos breaks out as their influence and power increase, causing destruction throughout the region and taking many lives in its wake. As the player, it is your responsibility to face your fate and set out on a grand adventure to find legendary heroes, assemble formidable benders, and form alliances with other strong leaders. It is obvious what your task is to do: before darkness consumes the earth, bring it back to balance and harmony.

Features of Avatar: Realms Collide APK

Discover the Whole Avatar Universe

Players can team up, engage with, mentor, and command legendary figures from throughout the Avatar universe in the game. As you strive to bring your world back into balance, encounter a brand-new, epic plot including characters like Toph, Katara, and Aang.

Develop become a Leader

As a leader, take charge and build a powerful army by enlisting and preparing benders and heroes who will follow you into battle. But one person cannot win the war by themselves. Make partnerships with world leaders to gather a powerful force that can defeat the approaching dark spirit and your enemies.

Develop Your Benders

Discover and unleash renowned heroes like Aang, Zuko, Toph, Katara, Tenzin, Sokka, Kuvira, Roku, Kyoshi, and more as you set off on an amazing journey across the Avatar universe. For these heroes to excel in the heat of battle, they must be upgraded and trained.

Restore and Grow Your Base

Transform your base into a walled city by adding and improving structures that are necessary for gathering resources, conducting vital research, and revealing legendary heroes. To strengthen your battle force against the impending chaos, train and recruit soldiers.

Enter Your Proper Element

Select the bending art of your leader: Water, Earth, Fire, or Air. Each offers unique gameplay benefits, units, and an eye-catching aesthetic.

Create Coalitions

Join forces with global leaders to establish powerful coalitions that will defend global peace against the evil spirit and its adherents. Build safe havens, mobilize impacted communities, and work together to quell the cult's mayhem.

Investigate and Study

Investigate the environment, find new things, and gather materials to improve your city and build a stronger army. To increase military might and resource output, conduct research.

Some Playing Tips

Master Strategy: Tactical and strategic planning are required in Avatar: Realms Collide APK. Analyze your benders' and heroes' advantages and disadvantages, and devise practical solutions to problems.

Create Powerful partnerships: Success depends on you forming partnerships with other players. To win group triumphs, cooperate, exchange resources, and plan tactics.

Prioritize Upgrades: To obtain a competitive advantage, keep upgrading your base, structures, and troops. To reach your full military and economic potential, allocate resources carefully.

Accept the Avatar Universe: Give yourself over to the rich mythology and narrative of the Avatar world. Discover the game's depths, unearth its mysteries, and bring famous characters and their special powers to life.

Remain Involved: Take part in activities, contests, and missions to gain important rewards and advance the game. You'll be able to access new information and progress your journey with regular engagement.


The engrossing and immersive Avatar: Realms Collide APK game experience skillfully combines strategic gameplay with the well-known Avatar universe. Whether you've always loved the show or are just discovering the world of Avatar, this game promises to be an epic journey full of fabled characters, fierce combat, and the ultimate mission to bring balance and harmony back.

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