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1.0.1 for Android
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Mar 15, 2024
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5.1 and up
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Get a new mobile game that offers gaming that can reduce your stress and relieve mental tiredness. This block-based game offers an easy and compelling gameplay. Just arrange the blocks such that the diamonds may be removed with ease, and enjoy endless entertainment. Play this thrilling mobile game with countless challenges. Download and check out every encounter that is offered.

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About Blockash APK

Blockash APK is a mobile game that provides a unique twist on the classic block-based puzzle genre. The gameplay of this game, which revolves around blocks and diamonds, is intriguing. So, to relieve stress, start enjoying the most enjoyable games. Moreover, overcome insurmountable obstacles with seamless advancements. Play this thrilling game and have a tonne of fun.

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The most well-liked and trendy mobile game with trivia gameplay is Blockash for Android. This innovative gaming software offers engaging gameplay and countless challenges. It will therefore be enjoyable to spend time playing this thrilling game. So, go here to learn everything there is to know about this fascinating new game.

A Journey Through Blocks and Gems

Blockash APK presents players with an intriguing gameplay mechanic. The objective is to align blocks strategically on a grid, connecting both ends to eliminate rows or columns of blocks effortlessly. However, the true challenge lies in the presence of gemstones scattered throughout the field. To progress, players must collect these gems by skillfully destroying the surrounding blocks.

The gameplay starts with a straightforward premise, but the levels become increasingly challenging as you delve deeper into the game. Each map introduces a unique arrangement of gems and blocks, requiring players to adapt their strategies and think ahead to clear the board successfully. With countless levels to conquer, the thrill of mastering new challenges never fades.


There are several kinds of gems on every map. Players must demolish the boxes to gather all of the available Gems. The Blocks contain a variety of Gem kinds. As a result, players must gather every Requirie Gem that is available to fulfill the Mission requirement. To win the task and enjoy an endless amount of fun, fulfill the requirements.


There are several missions accessible in this game. However, the challenge will also get harder as the level gets better. This game offers an infinite number of increasingly challenging stages. On the other hand, there will be intrigue at every level of this game. So go ahead and start enjoying yourself endlessly with this fascinating game.

Features of Blockash APK

Classic Block Puzzle Gameplay with a Twist

Essentially, the game provides a timeless and pleasurable experience of playing block puzzle games. Puzzle games have long featured the need that players to arrange falling blocks to form full lines and clear them. But this game's distinct gem removal rules twist this formula. This novel mechanic makes players consider their choices carefully, which deepens and complicates the gameplay.

Simple Controls

Players of all skill levels can enjoy the game because of its simple controls. Whether you're new to puzzle games or an experienced player, you'll find the controls to be simple to use and intuitive. Because of the emphasis on user-friendly design, players may jump directly into the game and have a seamless and pleasurable gameplay experience.

Strategic Gem Elimination Rules

The game's distinctive gem elimination rules are one of its most notable aspects. To optimize their scores, players must not only clear lines with falling blocks but also carefully remove jewels. This game differs from traditional block puzzle games in that it involves strategic thinking and anticipation. The game gives players a gratifying and captivating gameplay experience by making them consider their plays intelligently.

Playing Tips and Strategies

To master the art of block alignment and gem elimination, consider these helpful tips and strategies:

Plan Ahead: Before making a move, take a moment to scan the board and identify potential gem elimination opportunities. Visualize how your block placements will impact the board and strategize accordingly.

Prioritize Gem Collection: While clearing lines is essential, always keep an eye out for opportunities to collect gems. These valuable resources often hold the key to progressing through levels and achieving high scores.

Utilize Power-ups and Bonuses: As you progress through the game, you'll unlock various power-ups and bonuses. Use them wisely to gain an advantage and overcome particularly challenging levels.


In the vast landscape of mobile gaming, Blockash APK stands as a breath of fresh air, offering a unique and stress-reducing experience that seamlessly blends classic block puzzle mechanics with innovative gem elimination rules. Whether you're seeking a relaxing escape or a mentally stimulating challenge, this game promises to deliver an endless supply of entertainment. Embark on a journey through blocks and gems, where strategic thinking and satisfying gameplay await. Download Blockash APK today and prepare to be captivated by this one-of-a-kind puzzle adventure.