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2.0.6 for Android
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Jan 12, 2024
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5.0 and up
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Cool Timer APK is an easy-to-use app for managing your time. When you added people, did you forget about important dates or events? Do not stress; instead, use the Cool timer tool to organize your time and get things done.

You will no longer forget important events or birthdays with CoolTimer. This useful tool helps you keep track of your time so you never miss an important date or goal. If you need to remember something for work, for yourself, or an important event, CoolTimer can help.

CoolTimer's easy-to-use design makes it simple to set alarms and timers. You can change the length of the timer to suit your needs and even set more than one alarm at the same time. You can stay on top of your plan with the app's notifications and alerts.

CoolTimer is a good tool for keeping track of time that will help you stay organized and get things done quickly. It's great for people who want to be more productive and enjoy a more relaxed life. Get CoolTimer right now and start managing your time!

Stylish Looks

Cool Timer is different from other time management apps because of its interface and style. It looks good to look at because it has animated grids, backgrounds, and other parts. The way it's styled gives it a modern, sleek look that fits with trendy home decor. This makes it more fun to use the app.

Animated Fun

It is not only nice to look at, but it also has animations like moving timelines and changes that make it more fun. These graphics make setting and keeping track of timers more like a game. They also show you how the timers are doing. This adds movement and energy to a task that is usually boring: time.

Features of Cool Timer APK Latest Version

Customizable timers

Allow users to set multiple timers at the same time with different lengths of time, such as seconds, minutes, or hours, so they can use them for different chores. Allows for flexible tracking.

Animated visuals

Using this app is more fun and visually appealing than using boring utility apps because it has cool pictures, backgrounds, and timelines.

Sensory reminders

Notification alerts can be seen and heard to get the user's attention even when the Cool Timer App is going in the background. Not easy to ignore.

Background tracking

Timers keep counting down even when the app is not in view. Keeps things on time.

Music integration

You can sync timers to songs, playlists, or beats per minute to keep track of time in a way that fits your musical tastes.


With quick shortcut buttons on the home screen, you can get to timers right away without having to open the full app first. Helps you save time.

Custom durations

Short timers for Pomodoro, longer timers for cooking, etc., will help you get the most out of your clocks. Use of time in a smart way.

Descriptive labels

Give each timer a name that is easy to remember so you can quickly tell them apart. Color coding helps you tell them apart even more.

Pinned widgets

You can pin timer apps to the home screen so you can quickly get to them without having to look through the app. This is very helpful.

Alert optimization

Set the sound, vibration, and visual alerts on the Cool Timer APK to the right amounts for you. There are even settings for using it at night.

Sensory Overload

Too many sensory inputs can be too much to handle at times. In The App, on the other hand, the sound and graphic alerts work together to create a sensory overload that is meant to get the user's attention. That's why when timers go off, visual and audible alerts make sure they can't be missed or ignored. This helps make sure that users are still informed even after they've moved on to something else.


Alarms and timer apps don't always wake people up properly, especially if the device is set to quiet or vibrate. The App gets around that problem by still sending alerts through movements, lights, and alarm sounds even when the device is in sleep mode. Users can be sure that Cool Timer's alerts will wake them up no matter how their phone is set up. Because it is reliable, it is good for sleep.

Some Using Tips

Here are some good ways to use Cool Timer:

  • You can change the length of the timers to make them work best for your jobs, like short bursts for pomodoros or longer stretches for cooking.
  • Give your timers names that explain what they're for so you can quickly see what each one is for. Color-coding them is another way to make them stand out visually.  
  • If you use timers a lot, you can pin apps to your home screen so you can always get to them without having to open an app.
  • Sync Cool Timer with your favorite music apps to use beats per minute to time things like sports, cooking, and more.  
  • Make the settings for notifications and repeat work better so you don't miss important tips. Set up correctly for use at night.

Cool Timer Android App looks good and uses your senses to tell you things, so it should be a fun and useful way to improve your time management. Multiple timers, customizable lengths of time, and background tracking features make tracking adjustable. This app stands out because it works with music players and has tools for the home screen. Users can get the most out of the app by carefully using durations, adding labels for clarity, pinning frequently used timers, and making the most of alerts. So get Cool Timer right now to make planning your day more fun with animations!

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