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3.8 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 08, 2024
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Required Android:
6.0 and up
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Get ready for the best mobile racing experience with CPM Traffic Racer – rev up your engines! This thrilling game features stunning 3D visuals, a plethora of vehicle customization options, boss battles, and intense multiplayer combat that elevates limitless racing to exciting new heights. CPM Traffic Racer APK will satiate your craving for speed whether you're riding beautiful highways or negotiating challenging off-road terrain. So fasten your seatbelt and get set to seize the top spot on the world rankings!  


As a gifted but unproven street racer, you want to establish yourself on the CPM racing scene. You'll start at the bottom and compete in races in various urban and rural settings to get money, upgrades, and the ability to brag. As you advance through the ranks, you'll come against more formidable rivals who are determined to dash your hopes for success. Can you outrun bosses, navigate winding routes, and avoid crashes to become the uncontested CPM king of the streets?


The gameplay of CPM Traffic Racer centers on quick racing through a variety of environments with stunning 3D graphics. The breathtaking views will wow you whether you're rushing through desert canyons, neon-lit city streets, or highway tunnels. To remain ahead of the heated competition, make use of the special abilities of a variety of highly customizable high-performance cars. 

You may effortlessly negotiate perilous twists and bold shortcuts thanks to the user-friendly tap-and-tilt smartphone controls. You can continuously adjust and improve your collection of the best racing vehicles as you advance by finding mods that improve your abilities and winning large sums of money. You can always switch between campaign races, boss fights, and multiplayer modes to keep the thrill of ruling the asphalt fresh.  

Features of CPM Traffic Racer APK Latest Version

Stunning 3D visuals:

The game's stunning 3D visuals completely engross you in the racing action. A dynamic day/night cycle, realistic weather effects like rain and snow, and towering cityscapes with busy streets all combine to create an atmosphere that makes the settings come to life. The visually striking images are enhanced by sleek car animations featuring whirling rims and glossy paint treatments. The races are interspersed with stunning special effects, including explosions, sparks, and crashes.

Multiplayer Racing:

Challenge your racing prowess in serious, real-time multiplayer matches against actual players all around the world. Join friends for cooperative one-on-one matches or issue a challenge to strangers anywhere in the world to establish your claim. You can plan tactics and have lighthearted trash talk via voice chat. Using global leaderboards, you can establish your superior skill level and acquire bragging rights. Turf wars between crews pit teams against each other for control of territory and prizes. Or participate in Ghost Races, where you chase the ghostly apparitions of the best racers.

Large Car Selection & Customisation:

Assemble your dream racing fleet by gathering and improving dozens of real-world supercars and hypercars that are incredibly realistic. Adjust performance features like handling, acceleration, and top speed to make the vehicle fit your driving style. You can add distinctive paint jobs, wraps, body kits, rims, and more for a customised speed machine thanks to extensive customisation. As you advance, you can unlock and become proficient in a variety of strange and unusual vehicles, including hovercrafts, boats, motorcycles, and even planes. Your creative armory can be further expanded with equippable speed enhancements, guns, shields, and other ability-enhancing upgrades. Robust destructible damage modeling effectively reflects the striking effects of severe collisions and rollovers.

Having a Fun Single-Player Campaign:

As you advance up the CPM racing ranks, take part in an exciting underdog-to-champion story with expert voice acting. Participate in a variety of races in both urban and rural settings, full of turns and twists as well as progressively challenging AI-powered boss characters that stand in your way of victory. Find strategically placed side missions and hidden artifacts to gain important benefits like in-game cash and experience points. Try your abilities on more harder difficulty levels; the best racers will receive bigger rewards. In between races, oversee your growing garage's repairs, refueling, and fleet customizations.

Open World Free Roam:

At your speed, seamlessly explore vast, interconnecting rural landscapes and urban cityscapes. Explore the open roadways and find well-hidden trinkets, alternate routes, and secret shortcuts. Take part in impromptu street races with AI competitors or enter unplanned multiplayer races with others who live nearby. Create and share your own original race courses, routes, and bespoke challenges in creative director mode. At specific stunt parks, put your acrobatic driving talents to the test to perform wild stunts and accrue multipliers. Alternatively, simply enjoy a calm and leisurely drive across the stunning scenery without participating in any events. Whatever you decide to do with your time, open-world free roam provides almost infinite options for unrestricted racing.

Some Wining Tips

  • Use your warp powers and enhancements to outmaneuver opponents without fear. 
  • Visit the garage often to outfit each car with the finest performance modifications.
  • Analyze the driving styles of your opponents to anticipate their next movements.
  • Build multipliers and large bonus scores by utilizing airborne stunts and tricks.  
  • Look out for undiscovered detours and undiscovered shortcuts.
  • Attempt to gather every coin in campaign mode to get the highest possible award.
  • To win multiplayer team races, form a crew and take the lead.
  • For quicker lap times, perfect the skill of drifting around turns.


CPM Traffic Racer APK For Android is a top-notch mobile racing game that offers limitless multiplayer excitement, customizable gameplay, and amazing visuals. You'll be enthralled with the heart-pounding action whether you're playing alone and taking on bosses for racing glory or testing your mettle against real opponents worldwide. So Download CPM Traffic Racer now, and be ready for the greatest driving challenge! Just avoid being apprehended by the traffic cops.

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