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Welcome to Noya's world, where Disney Realm Breakers will put your power and creativity to the test. To combat the immense evil of the Blight, each player is urged to build their unbeatable city and gather the mightiest army possible. The evil powers of the Blight are presently posing a danger to the formerly plentiful world of Noya. This evil curse is poised to devour everything in its path as it spreads throughout Noya. 

We can only put an end to this nightmare and save our planet by banding together with the greatest knights and heroes from the Disney and Pixar universes. Prepare for an epic war for Noya's future by rallying valiant defenders, such as characters from "Aladdin," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Toy Story," "The Incredibles," and many more. We cannot destroy the Blight and return Noya to safety and peace unless you show us the way.

About Disney Realm Breakers APK

It is an epic strategy game featuring beloved Disney and Pixar characters. Players must build up an army of brave knights to defend the magical realm of Noya from impending doom at the hands of the sinister Scourge Legion.

When you first start the game, you'll find yourself in the kingdom of Noi, a once-brilliant planet that is currently under attack from the wicked Scourge Legion, which threatens to cover all in darkness.

Get ready to protect planet Noi from oncoming destruction

Noi is a fantasy realm that exists just in one's mind and is breathtaking and wonderful. But a long-dormant malevolent entity has reawakened and is wreaking havoc throughout the nation. The Scourge Legion is the name of this deadly force, which relentlessly seeks to devour all in its path.

Just as Noi was about to crumble, valiant heroes decided to resist the approaching darkness.

As you join Disney Realm Breakers, you'll go into combat and unite with other formidable Disney and Pixar Knights to halt the Scourge's progress. You must work together to defend the village and withstand the Scourge Legion's onslaught, drawing inspiration from the valiant deeds of The Incredibles and the thrilling adventures of Aladdin.


Noya is a magnificent and inventive fantasy realm, but the evil Scourge Legion, an ancient force of darkness, has awoken and is on a mission to devour everything in its path. Heroes step up to confront this threat as Noya teeters on the verge of disaster. Players must put together a valiant group of knights to repel the Legion's assault and bring light back to the realm, including characters from Aladdin to The Incredibles.


Disney Realm Breakers is a game with aspects of tower defense, survival, and multiplayer fighting. In Rumble Battles, players command their knights in exciting fights against the Scourge. The secret of military victory on the battlefield is strategic planning. But just as crucial is safeguarding supply routes, so players have to concentrate on building their town, assembling supplies, and fortifying their defenses. For an even bigger challenge, join forces with allies in the Field Battles mode to conduct audacious assaults into enemy territory to liberate landmarks and rescue Noya. 

Take part in thrilling Rumble Battles and lead your knights in combat with the Scourge Legion.

To outmaneuver the opposition and prevail, exhibit tactical skill and strategic forethought. But winning wasn't limited to the battlefield; you also needed to concentrate on fortifying your walls, growing your towns, and obtaining supplies to resupply your army.

Take on more challenging tasks by engaging in Field Battles mode combat. Join forces with allies to combat the Scourge Legion deep inside their land. Collaborate to recapture landmarks and save Noi from the darkness's grasp. As you use shrewd tactics to overcome the tough opponents in your path, cooperation is crucial.

We must rise to the occasion and fight to take back this land for ourselves when Noi's life is in jeopardy. We will succeed if we have bravery and tenacity, keeping the core of what makes Noi and the worlds connected to it so enchanted.

Features of Disney Realm Breakers APK

Rumble Battles

Organize and lead a group of Disney and Pixar knights in a strategic formation to fend off every wave of Scourge forces. To hit harder, players can gradually upgrade and fuse their knights.

Town Building

Create a distinctive town plan and erect unique structures to house knight training facilities and generate war-related supplies. To fend off the Legion's relentless attacks, rush defenses are essential.  

Field Battles

To recover fallen monuments in disputed areas outside of town, form alliances, pool resources, and plan intricate strategies. Cooperation is key to victory in the face of insurmountable difficulties.


Gather and advance a wide range of distinct heroes, such as Buzz Lightyear, Genie, and Elsa, to use their special skills and talents in battle. Duplicates can be combined to make them stronger and rarer.


New buildings, knights, and resources become available if the player's village holds out longer against the Scourge's invasion. Gamers have to strike a balance between handling dangers and increasing their force.

Strategic Decision

Disney Realm Breakers provides a plethora of choices about army composition, town layout, alliance formation, and combat strategies. The secret to withstanding the Legion's wrath is tailoring tactics to one's playstyle.  

Some Playing Tips

  • Try out different knight pairings to highlight your strong points or neutralize your flaws. Pair melee tanks with ranged fighters, for instance.
  • Upgrade resource buildings as soon as possible to gain a competitive edge in hiring and technology research.
  • Consider trade-offs before combining knights. It's not always the ideal strategy to give up quantity in favor of raw power.
  • In Field Battles, coordinate the timing of abilities and final strikes by staying in continual communication with friends. 
  • To thwart enemy AI attack routes and clusters, change up the defensive layouts of the town. Make them change.


Disney Realm Breakers tests players' tactical planning and resource management skills while engrossing them with vibrantly nostalgic Disney and Pixar characters. Collaboration is put to the ultimate test in this epic struggle between good and evil. As the conflict intensifies, no knight can remain split. The only thing that can lift the veil of gloom over Noya is unity through strategy.

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