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App By:
Zerone Games
Version: for Android
Updated On:
May 14, 2024
67.5 MB
Required Android:
4.4 and up
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Green Project APK is a free indie game, that allows you to play as a space alien that crash-landed on Earth. Before you can raise animals to survive, you must first adjust to unfamiliar surroundings and cultivate plants to heal the earth. You can also build a house to protect yourself from the elements and other dangers.

The game features an open-world exploration experience. To help survive, you can repair damaged nature, grow trees, and restore biodiversity. To help your survival, you can also raise animals, grow crops, and craft over 220 different items to earn a living.


After a long cryogenic sleep, you wake up on a post-apocalyptic Earth ravaged by a fungal plague that nearly destroyed the human race. To adapt and survive in this hostile new environment as a lone survivor, you must use your scouting abilities and UASA (United Aerospace Space Agency) supplies.

Restoring biodiversity, repairing damaged nature, planting trees, and greening the environment are all part of your goal. Restoring the planet's health is the only way to guarantee your own survival and possibly rebuild civilization.

Features Green Project APK Download

  • Discover a universe that never loads!
  • Farm the land and raise livestock!
  • Over 220 crafts and products!
  • day and night cycle
  • A setting that changes both visually and aurally as you go!
  • Save your progress anywhere and anytime!

This is a more entertaining game. At this time three types of trees, three types of crops, one type of flowers, and three types of animals are shared. An important aspect of the game is its rhythm. The first step involves classifying the devices. Cutting trees and collecting seeds is the primary responsibility. It is going to rain. Keep wood near the stove for making beverages. Once the drinks are ready, place them on the table between the stove and the kitchen cabinet.

Saplings can be planted on barren land in front of the door and maize can be used as seed in the initial stage. Planting additional trees will reduce green radiation. Look for resources elsewhere. The process of focusing the light is easy. Collect the blue mushrooms after collecting the seeds from the gravestone. A synthetic formula can be searched for in the chemical table in the searched publication. Make the lamp only with blue flowers. And a pick should be used to enter the mine in the northwest corner. Every piece of equipment must be protected.

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