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1.0.11 for Android
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Apr 02, 2024
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8.0 and up
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Humanity found a giant crystal in the Katia region known as "Original Nimbius" with rainbow colors after a terrible occurrence caused by a meteorite impact. Because of this discovery, human civilization advanced quickly because of the energy and wisdom found in the crystal.

But there was a price for this advancement. The human race faced an existential threat when "Original Sin," an alien monster from the same civilization as "Original Nimbius," emerged and started assaulting people.

A world in which humanity is on the verge of extinction due to the abrupt advent of an alien life form known as "Original Sin," Aegis, the "Eternal Shield," was created as a result of the formation of a united front including seven key regions: Kyushu, Danube, Maya, Katia, Inca, Blue Mountain, and Sahara. Using the Aegis Science Department's "giantization" and "phantom core" technology, soldiers known as Drivers confront the Original Sin by donning A.V.G. armor and taking on enormous forms.

About Haze Reverb APK

Haze Reverb is a mobile strategy game that lets users create a group of characters and fight automatically. The roster of extremely attractive and sexualized female characters in the game is its most notable characteristic. From the beginning, players are bestowed with an abundance of gachapon, or randomly selected character summons, which guarantees a constant stream of fresh characters. The skin-scrubbing mini-game feature that the game includes further adds to the playable heroes' appeal.


The extraterrestrial Original Sin poses an existential threat to human civilization in a world on the verge of collapse. Being the only one with a "normal sense," you take on the role of leader, in charge of a bunch of enormous girls who can grow to enormous sizes. It is your task to prevent the alien invaders from bringing about the impending destruction of the planet.


Haze Reverb APK Latest Version challenges the player's strategic acumen with a turn-based tactical battle system. To create the best formation and defeat the opposition, players can deploy up to nine companions on the battlefield, carefully weighing each character's position, course of action, and special abilities.

The game's worldview presents a grim reality: human civilization is on the verge of extinction due to the relentless attacks of the alien life form known as "Original Sin." As the only individual possessing a "normal sense," the player must lead a group of girls with the ability to grow into giants and save the world from annihilation.

The Origin of Aegis

The seven major human regions—Kyushu, Danube, Maya, Katia, Inca, Blue Mountain, and Sahara—joined forces to confront this catastrophe by forming a front against the menace. Aegis, the "Eternal Shield," was created as a result of this cooperation and is a unified force committed to defending humanity.

To combat Original Sin, the Aegis Science Department led the development of two key technologies: "giantization" and "phantom core." The primary force against the adversary consisted of combatants known as Drivers, who had enormous bodies similar to Original Sin and were covered in AVG armor produced by the phantom core.

Features of Haze Reverb APK

Up to 9VS9 Battle System: Battles with up to nine allies and nine adversaries can be had in the Up to 9VS9 Battle System, which offers a dynamic and intense tactical experience.

Completely spoken Events: The playable heroines' endearing voices transport players to an epic storyline, while the main story and limited-time events are also fully spoken.

Harem Collection: Players can put together their ideal squad of enormous girls with the game's wide range of vibrant and alluring female characters, all of whom can be trained to the highest rank.

Worldview: The story of the game explores a future in which the fallout from the Original Sin has left human civilization perilously close to destruction. The Aegis Science Department has created ground-breaking technologies, such as "giantization" and "phantom core," to counter this threat. These technologies enable the Drivers to grow to enormous sizes and don A.V.G. armor.

A Planet in Peril

The vision of the game depicts a dismal reality: the persistent attacks of the alien life form known as "Original Sin" have brought human civilization dangerously close to destruction. Being the only one with a "normal sense," the player's job is to guide a group of girls who have the potential to grow into giants and prevent the end of the planet.

Some Playing Tips:

Strategize: To make every member of your team as successful as possible on the battlefield, carefully evaluate their placement, abilities, and course of action.

Experiment: Try a variety of team configurations and synergies with a wide range of characters to find effective combinations.

Prioritize Favorites: To build a strong squad, concentrate your efforts on strengthening your favorite heroines, even if all characters can be trained to the maximum level.

Engage with Events: Take part in time-limited events to get exclusive rewards, listen to fully narrated storylines, and become fully immersed in the game's extensive backstory.


Haze Reverb App presents a distinctive fusion of turn-based tactical warfare, harem gathering, and an engrossing story set in a world under attack from extraterrestrial life. For mobile players looking for a strategic RPG with a unique aesthetic appeal, Haze Reverb APK For Android promises an immersive and visually striking experience with its gorgeous character designs, generous gacha system, and captivating gaming mechanics.

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