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App By:
LEVEL-5 Inc.
Beta for Android
Updated On:
Mar 29, 2024
Varies with device
Required Android:
7.0 and up
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Inazuma Eleven Victory Road APK is a game that seamlessly combines the world of football with the magic of fantasy. Characters from the Inazuma Eleven series can be unlocked by players, and each has special skills and powers. This game provides an immersive experience that appeals to both excitement and nostalgia, regardless of whether you are an experienced fan or new to the genre.

A portion of the story mode, online cooperative matches, PvP, and single-player games are among the gameplay choices available in the game. The ability for players to unlock series characters improves the overall gaming experience.

Due to the fantasy element, every character has special talents and other abilities. The game has a story option that lets players experience the protagonist's life off the field in addition to matches.


The protagonists, Unmei Sasanami and Haru Endo are followed in the game's story mode as they set out to resurrect Nagumohara Junior High's long-forgotten soccer club. When soccer prodigy Haru and Unmei, a boy who wishes for a world without soccer, meet, it's the start of an amazing story. Unmei rediscovers his love for the game with the aid of his newfound pals, laying the groundwork for a grand journey.


A wide range of gaming options are available in Inazuma Eleven Victory Road, accommodating both single-player and multiplayer experiences. In addition to participating in online cooperative matches and PvP, players can also play the game's story mode. The gameplay features of the game combine fantasy aspects with football tactics, giving players the ability to unleash unique powers and abilities during games.

There are two modes in the game

Story mode: In this mode, we may observe the journey taken by Unmei Sasanami, a little child who dreams of a world without soccer, and Haru Endo, a soccer monster that rules the globe, to reach the summit. Their meeting is the beginning of an amazing story. With the help of his pals from Nagumohara Junior High, Unmei can rediscover his love for soccer. They work together to attempt and turn the abandoned soccer club around.

Chronicle Mode: In this mode, players can battle Inazuma Eleven's Past. Including more than 4500 historical characters from the series. There will be appearances from every single player. incorporates characters from various season passes, releases, and editions.

Explore the Competition for the Chronicle Paths to fight historical teams in Inazuma History Town! You can get the Bond Stars of the characters by winning these matches. In the Player's Universe, you can use Bond Stars to unlock new characters. Characters that have been unlocked will show up in Bond Alley.

Features of Inazuma Eleven Victory Road APK

  • Inazuma V Caravan: Use Bond Stars obtained from winning matches to travel through time and explore Inazuma's past while also unlocking new characters and friends.
  • Play Freestyle: Select from a variety of game modes, including Focus, In the Zone, Scramble, and Tension Gauge, which let you execute special moves and make tactical choices.
  • Team Building: Assemble individuals with diverse skills and abilities to create a cohesive unit that will be a powerful force on the field.
  • Cutscenes and Animation: Created in association with the esteemed animation studio MAPPA, the game's breathtaking cutscenes and animations will engross you in its narrative.

A Completely New Caravan

The entire history of Inazuma may be seen by traveling across time with the Inazuma V Caravan!

Explore the Chronicle Competition Routes in Inazuma History Town to face off against historical teams! You can obtain the Bond Stars of the characters by winning these matches!

In the Player's Universe, you can use Bond Stars to unlock new characters!

Characters that have been unlocked will show up in Bond Alley! They can turn into your ally if you meet the Bond Network's standards!

Freestyle Play

Play Freestyle Play to your heart's content!

  • Concentrate: Smell the heat of midfield strategy! Overcome the opponents that are in your way!
  • Battles in the Zone - Goalmouth! As time stretches out, give commands! Make stunning goals!
  • Scramble: Select your next move and run after the ball that is heading your way!
  • Tension Gauge: Perform amazing feats with the Tension Gauge! Control your tension to battle effectively!
  • Keeper Gauge: If you empty the gauge, you can score regardless of how good the opposition's goalie is!
  • Team Building: With the qualities that each member possesses, you can create even more potent combinations for your team!

Some Playing Tips:

Explore the Modes: To truly appreciate the game's nostalgic and narrative aspects, make use of the Story and Chronicle modes.

Bond Network: Complete the Bond Network's conditions to enlist new allies and bolster your group.

Tactical Gameplay: Make use of several game modes, such as Focus and In the Zone, to carry out calculated plays and net stunning goals.

Team Synergy: Try out various lineups to discover the ideal mix of competencies that go well with your style of play.

Tension Gauge Control: Learn how to control your tension gauge to release extraordinary moves when the time is appropriate.


Fans of the Inazuma Eleven series and football fanatics alike must play Inazuma Eleven Victory Road APK. This game delivers an amazing experience with its gripping narrative, nostalgic touches, and distinctive gaming mechanics. Enter the land of Inazuma and set off on an adventure where fantasy and football combine for a thrilling and magical experience. Inazuma Eleven Victory Road is guaranteed to provide many hours of fun and excitement for players of all skill levels.

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